Workouts Mean Thinking First

Getting in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle is the route to a better live overall. Your workout is important and for men that workout means thinking first and not just diving in head first.

A workout should be planned. It should accompany the guidelines of your doctor and any other professionals like a nutritionist and personal or group trainer. This way you're getting the best advice possible and not just some verbal nonsense from the locker room. It's difficult to get all the data one needs to engage in a workout that will pay off and one needs to wean oneself from listening to amateurs or eavesdropping on other people's workout discussions. What works for them may not work for you.

The guidelines here are first, consult your doctor and professionals. Second, make sure you're eating a nutritional diet and have ample time for rest and recovery. Timing your workout is important too. Some people find working out in the morning works best for them. Others go for after dinner time which leads to a good night's sleep and well needed rest. Each case is a personal one and you may have to experiment to see what works best for you. Once you've got your regimen down pat you'll flow into your workouts with the least problems.

After you've gotten into the swing of things make sure you don't do the same old routines over and over again. The body adapts fast and will anticipate things thus not giving you the gains you will need. If it knows every tuesday you're going to run five miles it will prepare itself by storing energy and prepping for the rigors. You'll do your running more efficiently but gaining momentum to six miles will be less productive. You'll have to mix up your workout routine now and then just to give the body some shock so it will realize it needs to be ready all the time for any contingency.

Make sure to measure and list your goals. Goal setting is part of the game of gains. If you're out of shape and can't run five miles then set up a schedule whereby in two to three weeks you can achieve that goal. If you need to get your upper body strength then you'll need to look at each exercise and measure when to increase the weights or reps required to keep going up that hill. If you are benchpressing 150lbs and doing it for weeks on end you won't grow more muscle. You need to increase that weight wisely by thinking first. Add an additional 10lbs for that month and then another 10 when that weight is easy.

Never let a workout be a reflex. It should always follow a conscious decision on your part. If you find yourself working out and wondering when you started or forgot something then you're letting things get out of hand. You need to make sure you are the one in control and things don't get too routine. To combat this, again, change your regimen or even schedule. For example if you've been doing squats every Wednesday and chin ups every Thursday, then change the days and see the gains increase as you'll be throwing off your body's anticipatory reactions and it will be on its toes not knowing what comes next. It's a dirty trick but your body is supposed to follow you not the othe r way around.

The lessons here are simple. Look before you leap or better yet, think before you workout. You'll not only be in more control but it will give you peace of mind knowing you can play around and keep enthusiastic about things thus bringing about a more productive, energetic, and rewarding experience.