Today having a shaved bald head is trendy. It's supported by the sports stars who do it for efficiency. Some guys however love their locks and when baldness occurs they panic and look for ways to remedy the problem.


Traditionally a man with baldness had to rely on toupee's and makeup. Hair pieces are still available and some of the new technologies are astonishing. There are also chemical treatments that help rehabilitate hair follicles so that formally dormant hair starts growing again. Finally there are hair transplants that take follicles from one part of the scalp and transplant them to the balding areas where they take root and grow. The latest experimental techniques include stem cells where researchers hope to have these little miracle workers rejuvenate all dormant follicles or some such and a full head of hair can be had in no time.

There are risks to some of these techniques such as mounting evidence of side effects to the topical solutions. Finding a safe and effective means to battling baldness has been the goal of researchers for a long time.

It's because some men love their hair. Some are famous for their do's. Movie stars and entertainers, news broadcasters and celebrity businessmen may be more effective with their locks in good shape and that means taking care of baldness when it arises. This means attacking the problem when it first shows itself not waiting until the last minute.

The first thing to do is take a proactive and responsible first strike early so as to handle the problem from the start. Men can start going bald as early as their early 20's and that starts with thinning of the strands. Each man has a different pattern of baldness so knowing these various forms is essential so that you'll know where your hairline is headed. Go to a doctor and have him examine your scalp. It just might be that you're not suffering from baldness but you might have a deficiency in nutrition or a hidden disease or a side effect from something else. Once you've gotten the real deal about the situation you can now make a plan of attack.

This is the critical point. The reason being is that the topical creams and chemicals may have detrimental side effects. Before you use them study up on each one thoroughly. Don't sacrifice safety for vanity or you'll be in trouble big time. If you're able to find a remedy that halts or reduces the threat then all the better.

Now, if you've a more advanced form of baldness then you'll need to look at the three major options, solutions, hair pieces, or transplants. Hair pieces nowadays are light years ahead of anything previously. Transplants are the big step. The best companies for this have full disclosure and no nonsense. It's surgery so the technique has to be done by certified experts not some guy with a knack for knitting. Ask questions, ask more questions and more. Sometimes you might have to combine things like while waiting for your transplants to grow you'll need a hairpiece for a short time.

All in all, treating baldness is still one of the most sought after treatments in the world because whoever comes up with a permanent and safe solution will be wealthy beyond all expectations.

So stay on top of the news regarding baldness. Don't listen to the snake oil salesmen or newest miracle technique. If it hasn't been broadcast on the news as a real treatment, it isn't a real treatment.