Walking, An Exercise All Men Can Do

You may not believe it but one of, if not the best form of exercise a man can engage in is simply walking!

Yes, walking! Putting one foot ahead of the other and following through does wonders for the cardio vascular system, lungs, stress, blood sugar, and just about every other system in the body.


We humans are the only bipedal species on the planet. Some primates may walk on two feet for short distances but we can walk for days on end. Run that far too. We may not be as fast as our four legged friends but there is no animal on land we cannot out walk or run down. That's an adaptation to our survival that has changed us greatly. Being upright means a different dispersal of energy and heat. Our brains are bigger and more complex than other animals except for dolphins, porpoises, and whales. Walking allows us to cover more ground with less energy than being on all fours.

A man in order to stay in shape has to have endurance and strength and walking does that for him. A good walking exercise regimen can do wonders in a relatively short time, usually just a week. It's a wise idea that before you start a big time workout regimen one should try a walking regimen as it does a number of beneficial things. First of all walking builds skeletal muscles. The muscles you need to sit, stand, and do everything else. Respiration is another benefit as even a moderate pace keeps a fellow in shape. Speed up a bit and you're talking a really good aerobic exercise session. Blood pressure drops too as do stress levels. Metabolic rate increases and that means the burning off of excess calories even while sleeping. If one watches one's caloric intake and has a good walking regimen in place the fat will melt off in a short time.

Enjoying your walking routine is a big bonus. If you live in a big city you can have all sorts of fun walking. Get your smartphone or MP3 player and have all your favorite tunes or radio stations at the ready. Use Google Maps and plot a course that will allow you to walk a minimum of one mile three times a week. Yes, just one mile three times a week is all you need but if you do more, the better. Once you have your course set you follow through. Plot along landmarks or places of interest that keep your walk interesting. You'll so enjoy your walks that you won't be able to wait until the next one. This is a fun time and a 'your time' type of thing. Walking a mile doesn't take long. Less than 20 minutes but you want to keep moving at least 35 to 40 minutes so that means walking a bit more than a mile. Once you get that first mile under your belt you can then move on to two miles. Repeat, rinse, repeat until you can do an hour on your feet three times a week.

Now that you're moving at a good pace three times a week you may find that walking is addictive. If you live in a rural area you have the advantage of fresher air and more peace. Less noise and diversions. You can engage in a routine that is like meditation and still be energetic enough to have a fulfilling work day. If you're retired, walking allows for that special time that you need to contemplate things and keep your mental clarity and a stress reduced life.

So take a moment to think about walking as a way for a man to get into shape. It's easy, fun, rewarding, and a great way to meet people and perhaps a hottie or two.