Toxins And Men Don't Mix

It's bad enough that men have a rough lifestyle to deal with but when you add toxins to the mix you can get a deadly recipe.

Our bodies are wonderful at removing toxins from our systems. A good diet and exercise and sweating should be sufficient but in the past 100 years we've had so many chemicals and compounds that don't exist in nature that our biological systems are put to the test to the point of overwhelm. That being said, today's man has to be on the lookout for where these toxins come from and how to get rid of them.


Men can work in areas where toxins are in abundance. From construction to majro manufacturing, even with safeguards in place the toxins in our environment can take hold and lead to any number of ailments. Food and drink are another source of toxins. Our food processing companies will toss in whatever they can get away with that either are toxic or will become so once metabolized by the body. The natural environment may spew out some toxins itself from volcanoes to other natural exchanges. Surrounded by toxic sources the body of a man is at constant battle than ever before and such a constant barrage can cause the body to collapse under the stress and serious and deadly consequences may occur.

Some men are better at ridding toxins from their systems than others and it's a matter of genetics and lifestyle. Making the right decisions of where you live and what you consume is the start. Pollution in the cities is just awful. Smoking and eating nutritionally compromised foods and drink are another. A man needs to know what to consume and when to get out of Dodge. Not all of us can just get up and move from a major city. The way to battle toxins this way is to boost up the exercise and nutrition. Given the right amount of nutrients, exercise, and rest, the body can more efficiently rid itself of toxins thus lessening the threat. Minimizing time outside when auto emissions and factory emissions are prominent is a good idea too. City water may or not be optimum so a water filter might be in order. Bringing home an air filtering system may be a good idea too and bringing one to the workplace as well. Once these steps are taken the prevention and remedying of toxin exposures can be better handled.

These are the first steps to city living. For the rural fellow there may be toxins in the ground water or runoff due to pesticides used by agriculture. Also natural toxins from insects and plants and animals. The natural sources are easier to dispel from the body as we've had millions of years of practice and success but the chemicals from agriculture may be tricky. Check with the local municipality and state you live in to see a list of toxins produced so you'll know what you're up against. Then do what you can to minimize the threat like not jog past Farmer Brown's pumpkin patch that is using a pesticide that could cause harm.

Another source of toxins are the pharmaceuticals and detergents, soaps, lotions, and deodorants men use. The companies that produce them may not have the impetus to make sure all is safe until the consumer groups come barreling in. These companies are in constant competition with one another and will do whatever they can get away with. The way to battle this is to buy the new range of natural products that work just as good if not better than the mainstream industries. There are natural soaps, detergents, deodorants, makeup and more that a man can use and not run the risk of toxic exposure. These products are becoming so popular they're giving the established companies a good run for their money.

Finally, prevention and remedy means keeping a sharp eye out. That simple. Not everything may be achieved but where you can avoid toxins, do so. Eat right, exercise, get rest, buy and use products that don't have toxins in them and you'll minimize the danger and have a better live overall.