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The Smart Way to Start Your Exercise Regimen

Let's say you, like many other men aren't in the best shape you could be. You may have some extra pounds or you might not have the muscle or energy to get the looks and get through the day. Well, all is not lost as getting into a smart exercise regimen isn't that difficult and we'll look at why.

An exercise regimen will incorporate several exercises and remedial actions so that you not only get the most out of your regimen but you prevent injury and decrease recovery time. The first thing you do however is consult with your doctor. That cannot be emphasized enough. Your doctor will give you the thumbs up on what exercises you should and shouldn't do. Follow their advice and then when you get to the gym talk to the trainers there and compare notes. Together you'll come up with a safe and practical series of workouts well scheduled and gaining the optimum gains.

You'll need to pay attention to how the exercises are done correctly. Form is most important as you'll start to do calisthenics first to increase your endurance and range of motion. Stretching avoids injury like pulled muscles and torn tendons. You don not want any of them. Once you've gotten the basics under your belt you'll be able to progress to more challenging exercises.

Perhaps you're interested in hitting the bag with boxing gloves. This is a great workout for endurance, strength, accuracy, and how to handle force. You need to tape up the hands and use the right sized gloves and keep a towel handy as this form of exercise can build up a fierce sweat and fast. It's a real calorie burner and done right will build muscle, endurance, and confidence. You'll want to mix this with a lower body exercise like running or stationary bicycle.

Lower body exercises are very challenging but they keep the carriage supported, build endurance and incredible amounts of strength. Do not overdo it. Running is something you should build up to not just jump on the treadmill or the road and try to be Rocky from the movies. Running puts an immense amount of stress on the feet and knees and without proper form and sensible execution you could end up with a serious injury. There's also the matter of stress on the heart. You want the hear to pump but not go offline. Take it easy. If you can't run a light mile then jog a bit and walk the rest or jog and walk intermittently. It doesn't take much time to reach a mile and then on to five miles. Usually you can achieve this in a simple month! Once you get to five miles you're good to go from now on.

Combining a good upper and body workout using alternate days is the best way to go. Muscle and tissue need time to heal. The recovery process is most important. If the body doesn't have time to heal then it won't repair what's been damaged and you won't make the gains as well as put yourself in jeopardy. Eating right is also a major factor. Don't take those goofy supplements that promise everything under the Sun. Eat fresh, smart foods that aren't loaded with sugars and salt. Sugar is the killer of exercise and we consume too much of it. Just one 12oz bottle of soda or soft drink can contain 20 teaspoons of sugar. That's poisonous and is creating quite the controversy nowadays. Talk to a nutritionist and get the facts, not the opinions.

Opinion is also an exercise killer. Everyone wants to add their two cents to someone else's regimen. They may mean well but without supportive scientific evidence you're risking your health based on it. There are tons of books by professionals and videos that show how exercises should be done. Always listen to the professionals. Amateurs are just that, amateurs.

That all being said, the smart way to start an exercise regimen is to again, consult your physician, take things on a gradient, and listen to the professionals. You'll be better off for it.