The Importance of Cardio For Men's Health

Let's make no mistake here regarding the importance of a man having a good cardio exercise regimen. Fellows who have physically demanding jobs like hard labor may not have to engage in cardio exercises but it doesn't mean they shouldn't be aware of other cardio issues regarding maintaining good health for the heart and system. Cardio care for men is of utmost importance and should not be sneezed at.


First of all, your heart and cardiovascular system is the most important operating system in your body. Without it you're dead. Plain and simple. Having a system that's compromised by illness or less fitness means every other system in the body suffers as well. Men can be stubborn and ignorant sometimes not realizing this importance until it's too late. Sitting in a hospital on medication and looking at surgeries is not a happy experience.

Good cardio care starts with a three pronged attack. Nutrition, exercise, and rest. These three are the first defense and probably the final defense against cardio problems for not only men but for anyone. Men in particular have to watch out as their lifestyles and physical needs are demanding. Men deal more with the environment and are exposed to more dangers. Their job activities may call for more stress. Add to that exposure to chemicals, toxins, and pollutants and the heart is on constant defense.

Nutrition is a major key. It's said that we are what we eat and if you eat a lot of foods that are harmful to heart function you'll regret it. Artery clogging fats, toxic compounds, pollutants, put a strain on the heart and damage the arteries, veins, and capillaries. This can lead to any number of cardio problems including heart attack and stroke. Don't even talk about smoking cigarettes. Probably the combination of cigarettes and bad nutrition and overweight are the reason hundreds of thousands of people die each year, mostly men.

In some countries like Japan where men eat mostly clean and natural foods low in fats and sugars the heart problems are low compared to Americans who just shove heart damaging substances down their throats like there's no tomorrow. This leads to health complications and even death. The strain on the budget and society is immense. Men need to think fast and early regarding cardio care. It's never too late to start though!

If you're still able to move around then get on a cardio care regimen immediately. You start by getting a physical and talking to your doctor. They'll recommend a cardiac specialist and they'll look at your health data and guide you along the right and safe steps. Normally the doctors will check you for your weight and if you have any symptoms of cardio problems. If not then they'll work with you on diet and exercise and stress management. If you do have some problems they may push for some minor medication to get you started. Get a second opinion when it comes to medication just to be on the safe side.

Once you're up and moving on better cardio care, a man needs to schedule his lifestyle to make the best of it. Changing diets is difficult especially in the U.S.. The immense variety of foods and commercials is torturing. Giant hamburgers, juicy hot dogs, steaks oozing with sauces, fried foods just sizzling everywhere. America is the toughest place to diet. Food is around everywhere and in every form possible. The temptation to eat cardio dangerous foods can be too much. If this is the case, discipline will define you now. The same manly discipline you've used in other areas of your life you'll need to employ now. You may need to wean yourself off the dangerous foods. For example if you get a bucket of 20 pieces of fried chicken on Saturdays to watch the game, then drop down to 10 pieces and then a month later to 5. This will give your body a chance to repair itself and you'll be heading for smarter nutritional choices. Instead of 20 pieces of fried chicken, go buy 20 pieces of chicken and bake them. Lots of tasty recipes out there! Ask around.

If you're smoking just stop. Cold turkey. There are nicotine gums, patches and the new e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are the big surprise of late. All they do is heat up a liquid of nicotine and another substance that delivers a steamy vapor that looks like cigarette smoke. The difference is that you're only getting nicotine not the 4,000 other substances that are found in processed tobacco. E-cigarettes so far are a million times safer than standard cigarettes but the jury is still out on how safe. It will take time to see but it's better than than cigs and cigars for sure. Doing this will cut your risks considerably. No smoking, get it?

With all that being said, a man's cardio care is a man's responsibility but there is hope and help in abundance. Now go do it.