Your eyes are your windows to life.

Men need to always be aware of the proper eye care as unless there's a new invention or medical treatment to repair eyesight, once you lose it, it's gone.


There are many ways to damage the eyes. For men the risks may be greater. The levels of eye danger range from accidents to fighting to allergies, genetics, illness, toxins and nutrition. The eye is a fantastic mechanism that is primary sensory for observing, recording, and evaluating the world around us. Without our eyes we won't survive without personal care. The complexity of the eye and its hardware are very delicate and not taking care to prevent problems or quickly remedying them means a world of trouble.

Avoiding injury is the first line of defense for mens' eyes. Because of our rough and tumble lifestyles we invite opportunities where damage to the eyes may occur. From occupational hazards to sports, to fighting, we just open the door for possible eye injury that can be disastrous. As children and young adults if we've managed to avoid eye injuries and have eaten nutritionally so that the mechanisms of the eye are well built and fully developed we may expect less damage or problems. It's getting over those formative years where we learn our reflexes and develop our bodies. From then on caution is the comrade to what we do next. If you work in an area where particles or injuries to the eye can occur then wear safety goggles. Far too many fellows think they're immune to injury until it's too late. There are no eye replacements yet so once you lose one or both that's it. Don't be hard headed. Wear saftey goggles where warranted even if you're doing work around the house.

Eating right so that the eyes get the nutrition they need to operate. A fine combination of vitamins and minerals from raw foods is called for. Vitamin supplements that are recommended by your eye doctor are advised. Get those check ups too. Two major checkups a year at the minimum especially if you're working at staring at computers. As age hits us we may develop cataracts or glaucoma. You need to be on top to prevent and remedy them if they occur. The lens replacement procedure for cataracts is amazing and just a decade or so ago was questionable but nowadays it's fast, easy, and highly effective.

Diseases of the eye from contact with contaminated people, surfaces and from diseases a man has to be careful of as well. There's no way to tell what is contaminated but washing the hands repeatedly during the day with antiseptics is advised. Get several bottles for the car, garage work shop, home office or just in general places. We often rub our eyes or touch them unknowing that we're transferring contaminants to them.

Changes in body chemistry can affect the eyes too. As men get older our bodies change and those changes might affect vision. Again a good reason for contacting doctors and getting ahead of things before they arise.

Overall, there's a two-step defense regarding eye care for men. From within and without. Making sure the body has what it needs for optimum sight performance and maintenance and protecting and preventing things from the outside world from causing injury to the eyes. Basically on the outside don't forget light. Yes, sunlight can do damage too. Wear sunglasses, not some cheap pair but get a pair that is recommended by physicians.

So the bottom line is you'll have to take big responsibility for your eyes. Stay away from illegal drugs, excess alcohol and be careful of medications as some are said to accelerate some eye conditions.