Stress Release For Men

Stress can bet the better of anyone. Not handling stress can lead to all sorts of ailments and some deadly. For men, daily stress levels have to be handled immediately and luckily there are several ways to attack stress and it can start in just one day.


Stress comes from both mental and physical and spiritual forces. Each one must be addressed and work in tandem with the other. Doing so isn't difficult but you need to know what you can do immediately to get on the right track. First of all, how stressed out are you? Do you have nervous ticks, trembling, shortness of breath? Do you sweat profusely for no apparent reason? Well sometimes stress can come from within the unconscious mind when a real or imagined fear is stimulated. It's below your level of awareness and this can be one of the most insidious forms of stress. There's a way to combat it though through simple mediation. Take that time out one more times a day or week and have that down time. Listen to soothing music or no noise at all. Silence is golden the old saying goes and it couldn't be further from the truth. Don't let things in your environment get to you. We live in a society where imagery and sounds pepper us all day and night and the mind and spirit can get overwhelmed. News reports of disasters and doom and gloom can eat away at you to the point you don't know what to do. This is why you get hold of a yoga specialist or martial arts professional or any therapist that uses natural means of meditation to get you started on the foundation of your stress management regimen.

Next we need to look at the physical body and what to do. There are three steps here and call for discipline. Nutrition, exercise, and rest. See, just eating right, exercising regularly and getting that well needed rest are all you need. Our diets are often horrible. Processed food contains any number of chemicals that cause blood pressure to rise, body systems to become inflamed and any number of mishaps. Remedying this is using a diet of natural and fresh foods that are low in calories so as not to produce fat but high in nutrition. Your body works best on the vitamins, minerals, that it uses to repair and regulate itself. Add to a diet chemicals and processed products like salt and sugar and you have a recipe for disaster. Men live rough lives, working in physically demanding jobs or stressful situations and need that nutrition. Eating on the run is dangerous and not paying attention to what you're eating is even more dangerous. Get hold of your doctor and a dietician they recommend. Get that discipline in and you'll see stress melt off you and some fat too.

Exercise is the butt kicker of stress. Putting the body through it's paces calls for discipline. Get a routine for exercising like walking, swimming, resistance training, aerobics, and see how soon you're able to sleep better and operate better.

Rest is important. The body does its repairing when you're sleeping. Those stem cells and white blood cells go into action when you're rested and well fed. They utilize the nutrients in your system to make sure muscles are repaired, blood is cleaned, bones are strong, teeth are strong, skin and digestion and respiration are regulated and optimized. Without sufficient rest the stress levels of a man will go through the roof and that's said for any human being.

The key here is to regulate the various stress relieving remedies together. In tandem they'll prevent and clear up stress faster and more efficiently. The results will be a clear mind, sound body, uplifted spirit and general healthy well being overall.

Stress is a killer and men had better be on the lookout for it and nip it in the bud the minute it raises its head.