Stress can make a man fall apart in no time. Battling stress means taking up actions to prevent and alleviate it. That being said, exercise is a great way to alleviate stress and picking the right sport to follow can be a major life saver.


Any sport that is going to alleviate stress has to be one that has a good deal of cardio backing it up. That means you'll be moving fast, hard, and with precision. The sport should keep you on your feet and mind alert so that you can focus on the sport and guidelines of it without diversions. It has to get that blood pumping and metabolism fired up so that you can flush out toxins and get the body to maintenance itself.

A great sport to take up is tennis. Tennis is one of those sports that you have to be on your toes from start to finish. You're running around, swinging that racket and keeping your mind sharp with the strategy and keeping your eye on the ball. After several sets, just a half an hour and you'll have enough cardio work to last you. At least three times a week is important. Once you get your tennis game under your belt you'll see the difference in your general well being.

Bowling believe it or not is one awesome stress reliever. The reason is because you have to do some precise body motions that call for solid mind discipline and accuracy. This tenses the body up and provides some cardio but teaches the value of patience and control. Once mastered the after effect is one of peace and tranquility. That's why bowling is so popular and has been around for ages.

Frisbee. Yes those plastic disks people throw around at parks and beaches is one of the best stress relieving sports out there. If you're lucky you can find a partner or a team of people to play it with. Like tennis it will have you running, jumping, and doing cardio like crazy. You'll also learn patience and determination. Remember, stress can be a mental thing and occupying your mind with things other than your troubles is what's called for here.

Baseball and football. Not talking about full contact, head banging football but just touch football. Baseball and football provide different forms of what's needed to relieve stress. The games can be stressful only if you put too much emphasis on winning instead of playing. You work with a team, you have a role as a player, you run, jump, wait, plan and test not only your body but your mind. Again, stress is a mental thing and occupying your mind with less troubling things is a great platform to work from.

Skiing, snowboarding are awesome. The sport of skiing is ages old and snowboarding has only been around for about 20 plus years but is now a major sport of even Olympic standards. Both sports will keep the heart pumping for sure as they call for speed and accuracy. If you live in a climate that allows for these sports then it would be a good idea to try them out. See the fun they provide and meet other people who enjoy them. Men are built for sports like these. They require courage too. Every time you test yourself for courage and win you relieve stress. Skiing and snowboarding just rule for relieving stress as each run done successfully leaves one smiling that is the best stress reliever right there.

There are any number of sports out there that one can choose but the key point is do they make you happy while playing them? If so then that alone will alleviate stress and you'll have found a past time to call your own.