Skin Care For Men

Men may not pay attention enough to the value of having healthy skin. Their rough and tumble lifestyles may have them thinking skin can take care of itself and that's the furthest thing from the truth. Skin care for men is of utmost importance and it cannot be denied.


Our skin is our biggest organ. It's a masterful bit of biological engineering that has taken millions of years to perfect. It's not just some covering like a shirt or a pair of pants. Skin is a complex series of layers and chemical processes that does an astounding series of actions to keep us healthy. First of all, skin is our first line of defense against the elements, disease, injury, and animals. It's tough. Consisting of seven layers of cellular material each designed to do a specific job and interact with other body systems. It protects us from radiation from the Sun and from the environment too. Needless to say our skin is like the shields on the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek series.

Skin needs to be cared for and it isn't that difficult to do. Just a simple formula of outer care and inner care is prescribed. Good nutrition and rest can do skin wonders. It's because skin demands the right combination and amount of vitamins and minerals in order to maintain optimum operation. Deny the body the right nutrition, expose it to toxins and chemicals and the skin will be affected. It's because waste products are excreted via the skin. If our skin pores were closed we would die in days or hours even. Our skin breathes. Yes, skin has respiratory properties and when it becomes compromised we are in jeopardy.

Cleaning the skin is the priority here. Men engage in sports and heavy work. They can work around chemicals and pollutants and just taking a shower may not be enough. Scrubbing the skin with the proper soaps is essential. This has become a major industry of late and although some men may think it's too feminine to spend so much time and money on cosmetics and toiletries on skin, that notion needs to be put to rest because it could lead to serious health problems. There are new lines of products out there that accommodate mens' skin in particular. They're highly effective in cleaning without damaging and don't have all the chemicals in them. Natural products that are available today are a good choice. The mainstream products often contain far too many chemical agents to make you smell good and perform superficial care and in the long run may do more damage than good. Keep things simple and you'll be alright. Shop around and ask questions on forums.

The sports industry is where you'll find the pros using products you may not even know exist. Sure you'll see top athletes on television hawking soaps but in truth they may not use them at all. Even something simple as baking soda and water can do a good job. Oils are a good bet too. Some use simple olive oil or coconut oil. In the right combinations you're getting that vitamin E your skin needs desperately. Matter of fact, skin produces vitamins the body needs like vitamin D. Oils shouldn't clog the pores so if you do use oils like lanolin and such, make sure to wash them off and let the skin breathe a while before the next application.

Stay away from harsh sunlight. Sunlight can age you prematurely especially before the
age of 19. The more radiation you get before age 19 the faster your skin will age and wrinkle. Getting a suntan may be cool but remember to use sunscreen in the right proportion and a product that is certified for healthy application.

Finally check with your doctor about skin care. They may be able to recommend a product or a specialist to guide you along the way.

Your skin is the first thing that hits the environment, keep it in good shape and you'll be in good shape.