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What you eat definitely can compromise your health. One of the modern day monsters are processed foods and in fact processed sugar, flour, rice are the main ones.


Men just far too often just cram food down their throats looking at only how it tastes and is filling. They don't look at the detrimental effects food can have on them. Too much irresponsibility here and it ends up in either disability or death.

Processed foods are foods that have been changed, modified from their original natural state to meet certain criteria for storage, taste, or usage. Take for example the three main processed foods we eat.

Sugar, basically table sugar is white and is easy to spoon out or pour. Well in its natural state it is brown and not so easy to scoop and pour so it gets modified by extracting all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins so it has longer shelf life and doesn't clump. Well all that is left is the sweet taste and the byproduct left over is what we call molasses. The body however will process the processed sugar at a faster rate than nature intended and this is like putting racing car fuel in your family car. It will burn hot and fast but destroy the engine in the long run. The same thing happens to your body. When raw sugar is used it is processes at a safe and natural rate without causing so much damage. Men and people in general consume far too much sugar in the first place and taking in too much processed sugar is now being discovered to be behind many of the diseases that have plagued modern man the past 100 years or so.

Rice has the same problem as sugar. Naturally it is brown as it's full of vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals are removed so the rice can last loner on the shelves. This makes digestion of the rice faster and like processed sugar can cause damage to the system.

Flour, follows the same routine. Removing the vitamins and minerals means the flour gets digested faster and stays fresher on the shelves. These processes are behind the rise in Type II Diabetes plaguing the world.

It's also part of the problem with soft drinks. Sure that soda is tasty but one can of soda can contain 20 tablespoons of processed sugar! 20! That's so much sugar it should be illegal. NATO and the UN should ban it.

It's not likely to happen as the sugar, flour, rice industries are humongous in size and power. Companies are aware of the dangers but keep on pumping out the products even when the law comes in. It's because the companies have a hold on the governments because of the size of their revenue and backing of certain politicians. That kind of power keeps you in the dark regarding the dangers of these products and men need to be aware of what they do.

Every system in your body needs what natural rice, flour, and sugar provide but processed you get the burn but not the health. You have to wean yourself off processed foods and learn how to prepare a more natural diet. You'll see changes in less than a week and in a few months to a year you'll be brand new. Spend that extra time studying natural foods, recipes, places to purchase them and just what you need. Each fellow is different and your exercise regimens will call on different portions and combinations will require study and application.

So don't hesitate and get to those natural choices fast.