Every man benefits from a good and regular workout regimen. That being said, having a partner to be by your side to keep an eye on you while working out is a real good idea.


Not all of us have someone around to help out during a workout but there are ways around this. First of all the most important reason to have a workout buddy is because if something goes wrong, that person can step in and alert staff, authorities. The workout partner and you can switch up and you watch them and then they watch you. In bodybuilding and weight training it is essential someone is around to spot you especially if you're using free weights. One mistake during free weight training could end up tragically. Having that workout partner to spot you, meaning to help you lift the weights and balance them right prevents accidents.

While jogging or swimming it is essential to have a workout partner. They'll be there if you suddenly start having trouble. In swimming you might run into trouble and your partner can dive in and pull you to safety and alert the authorities. In jogging some people, even seasoned joggers in perfect health may develop breathing or cardio problems. Having a workout partner, especially one that knows cpr can be the difference between life and death. If your workout partner is a wife or girlfriend or a family or friend, both of you can really hedge your safety bets by taking free CPR courses at your local firehouse of hospital. Both of you being hatted in CPR adds extra safety.

Bicycling and especially hiking means your workout partner can be your key to any life threatening situation. Hiking has its own hazards such as temperature changes, storms, wild animals, and snakes. There are dangerous snakes all over the world. If bitten by one or even a dangerous insect or spider, you'll need immediate treatment and an evac to a hospital. A workout partner can treat you if they're knowledgeable and call in the medical teams. Do not think that you can do everything while hiking. Mountain hiking especially as sometimes boulders, rocks, mudslides, hidden crevasses, can spell doom if one isn't wary. A workout partner comes in handy here big time.

Tennis calls for a partner anyway but due to the fast paced and rigorous routine means having someone who is smart enough to go into action if something arises. If you're at a tennis club you may have an EMT on staff just in case. Like the other workouts, having your partner and you hatted in CPR and other medical response skills is a big bonus.

Cardio training like aerobics and boxing, and those kickboxing routines can be brutal. It is essential that you have someone around even if you're working out from a video at home. Have your kids or wife or whomever is at home be around to watch you or check in on you regularly. Sometimes it's only a few minutes between help and disaster.

You wouldn't think golf workouts would need a partner but in fact golf can take a toll on a fellow especially if he's walking from hole to hole. Some of these courses are rugged and long and you're using an extreme amount of mental and physical concentration. That energy is drawn in and focused to a point and then an explosion of energy when we strike the ball whether it's a drive or a putt. That energy can cause the body to spring up and wind down fast and that can cause a problem. Often golf is played by two or more partners but often people play rounds alone. If you're on a course that is part of a club there'll be other duffers around and a medical staff there.

There are numerous sports and exercise regimens and it is obvious that having a workout partner is a smart thing to do.