Believe it or not, men need more nail care than women.

Sure women spend hours in salons having their nails painted, sculpted, dressed up in all sorts of manners but it's important for men to take care of their nails as well.

Men don't put on the dressings that women do regarding their nails. Finger and toenails take a beating in a man's work day and sports regimen. Add to all that the chemicals a laborer encounters, weight stress, exposure to the elements, and a man's nails can end up looking like the bad end of a combat tank.


It's those reasons that a fellow needs to take care of his nails and that care comes from within and without. First of all comes the cleaning. Harsh chemicals, dirt, can compromise the nail's protective process. That's what nails are for. Protection. We use them to keep our fingers and toes from being harmed and we use them in combat, digging, picking things, and more. If the nails become compromised they'll get brittle and break, the nail beds will become infected and there's no telling what will happen when such a primary defense system gets damaged.

Luckily there are all sorts of over the counter and prescription treatments for nails. Some are for prevention by keeping the nails healthy and strong and others are for remedying anything that goes wrong. Diet is an essential part of nail health for men. Eating the right combinations of fruits, vegetables, protein especially, will ensure a healthy nail enrichment process. Diseases, drugs, alcohol can compromise nail health so you've got to be on your Ps & Qs. Checking with your doctor is essential as well. Make sure your doctor looks at your nails and ask if he can recommend a specialist or salon that can help you along.

Nails are also a great way for doctors to diagnose certain illnesses and diseases! Yes, your nails can be an indicator that something is wrong with you that you may not see symptoms of. Specialists can look at your finger and toenails and determine by their shape, strength, ridges and more if something is amiss. These diagnoses are essential not only for nail health but your health overall. Knowing these nail symptoms can be an indicator of trouble now or trouble ahead. If you detect discoloration, ridges going horizontal or vertical, holes, dents, or flaking then see a doctor asap. The doctor will be able to look at the symptoms in their database and prescribe a treatment.

Prevention comes again from diet and protecting the nails. Wear gloves when doing hard labor. Keep the hands washed with good soaps and detergents and if you work with chemicals keep a special eye out for damage to the nails. Weather can take a toll too and extremes in temperature can affect the nails so you need to be on guard.

Men can be arrogant sometimes and look at nail care as something sissy. This is ignorance and foolhardy to say the least. Many cultures put a high priority on nail care and those men have strong, clear nails. Hygiene is essential as nails can harbor any number of diseases and coming in contact with the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, can cause deadly effects. That's right, what's under your nails can be deadly. You need to have the right tools like nail files, alcohol swabs, nail clippers, and other nail hygiene and maintenance tools. Don't settle for second best but make sure when you're washing your hands you get up under those nails. Sometimes a coating of nail polish can help too. There are clear colored nail polishes that are fortified with vitamins and minerals giving the nail the nutrients it needs for strength and makes the nail look good too.
All in all, a man owes it to himself and others to have his nails in good condition. Your health depends on it.