You're about to start your weight training and you should know from the start that it's the big muscle groups that mean a lot here.


When we talk about the big muscle groups we're talking about the groups of muscle the other muscles rely on and carry your body throughout it's rigors. The smaller muscles aren't to be neglected but we're going to focus on the big groups because they're the ones that move the most weight and are most visible.

The big groups are your lats, quadriceps, pecs, triceps, gluteus maximus, abs. These muscles do the pulling and pushing and must be exercised with power and stamina.

The various exercises needed include a real dedication but in just a week or two you'll see major changes in your body. First of all each major muscle group requires a primary exercise. For the back there are deadlifts and upright rows. This will work the lats and and glutes and everything else for that matter! Squats work the leg groups especially the quadriceps. Pushups and dips work the triceps as well as the pecs.

Those primary exercises will get those big muscle groups growing in both size and strength fast. Because the ody relies on the big groups it will favor them regarding nutrition and repair. The body knows it needs these muscles to operate and that means they take priority. Your quads give you power to run and lift. The quads allow for lifting objects. The triceps allow for pushing and the glutes are what they're all attached to in some way or another. Working these muscle groups first is the first step to better resistance training and power. Your body's carriage and poster will improve in a matter of a couple of weeks. This improvement will allow for the skeletal and smaller muscles to strengthen which is what the larger muscle groups rely on. So build up those skeletal and smaller muscles first through calisthenics and walking, swimming, jogging.

Once you start to build up the big muscles your strength and endurance will increase dramatically. You'll be able to lift and push things easier, your reflexes will increase and you'll burn excess fat more efficiently. There's an old saying that muscle burns fat and it's true. Muscle needs energy and that excess need for energy your body will provide for by utilizing the stored energy in the fat cells. It's a lot like the dieting formula of losing fat by cutting your caloric intake. The more calories you eat the fatter you'll get as the body doesn't use the calories unless it needs to. When we build muscle that makes our metabolic rate increase or your resting metabolic rate when your at rest, sitting, and that rate will eat up fat like a sponge to water.

After a few weeks to a month you'll notice dramatic changes. Men build muscle much faster and denser than women. You should start looking better pretty quick and that calls for eating the healthiest diet you can in order to feed those big muscle groups. Muscle likes food as it needs to repair itself after an exercise. See, when we use our muscles to excess we tear the muscle fiber. In order to repair the fiber the body repairs the damage but adds more muscle fiber in an attempt to prevent damage the same way. That causes our muscles to grow and grow. In order to do this it needs nutrition with lots of protein and complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Overall, working the big muscle groups is like tackling the biggest guy on the football field. Everyone else falls in. Doing the right exercises, eating the right foods, the right mindset will bring you strength, endurance, large muscles and a real good looking body.