Mixing Workouts And Schedules

A man's day can be compounded with one busy thing after another. Getting in that much needed workout can be tricky but there is no shortcut to good health. That is why scheduling that time is of utmost importance.


First of all there's the 9 to 5 worker. There are only two time zones that a normal day can give and that's before work or after. Since no one is the same, you'll have to figure out if you could do better before or after work.

Some people can go all day long with a workout in the morning. How some people can do an hour worth of aerobics and then go to work is amazing. Others can do an hour of aerobics after a full day's work which has to be exhausting to some but not to others. A man's workout usually involves weight training especially if he's under 30. Building an maintaining muscle is a fierce workout as you're tearing down muscle and having it heal over a rest period of a day or two. That puts a toll on the body which means that very careful planning must be done as to not only get the best benefits from a workout but to not also place oneself in danger.

Again, each man is different and that calls for him to look at what times of day and what days of the week work best for him. Before engaging in any form of workout it's best to consult your doctor and keep them apprised of your workout and schedule. The doctor will be able to monitor you and see if something is wrong or could go wrong. They may even suggest the right scheduling for you. This is wise because you'll have two people looking out for you.

Let's say you're doing some bodybuilding and aerobics. You have to be careful as you don't want the aerobic workouts to kill your muscle mass gains. You have to schedule both at different times of the week with consideration of rest periods i between. For some men a weight lifting session is invigorating and they'll feel stoked all day. Other fellows fall apart after a session of iron pumping. Again no two guys are the same. Aerobics energizes some chaps and wears out others. Since you have a workday ahead of you don't do exercises that will wear you out before the day begins.

Now, let's say you've got a scheduling conflict with work. Sometimes you do a basic 8 hours and on other days you have to come in early or stay late. Now you've got to catch up on your workouts or they'll go by the wayside. If need be ask your boss or manager. Let them know the vital importance of your workouts. If they themselves are active in exercise they'll understand and work with you. Having you out of shape could cause the company lost hours due to sickness, not being mentally alert and more. Many companies nowadays do indeed have an impetus to promote good exercise. In this case you may work out a schedule in concordance with your employer and that's all for the better.

Work on it. Your health is of utmost importance. Getting rid of those excess pounds, firming up that carriage, increasing your metabolic rate are the fundamentals of good health. With the epidemic of Diabetes II, getting rid of fat and having a vigorous exercise routine is essential. If you're a top executive that doesn't excuse you from a getting into a regular exercise regimen. Your leadership is what keeps your company running right and if you're down for the count due to illness because you didn't exercise your company will take a nose dive.

Scheduling your workouts, even if you're retired or out of work means taking responsibility a man's way.