Focus. The ability to stay on target with one's intentions and thoughts so that something can be achieved. That's what's needed when it comes to men's mental health and our minds are what we need to deal with life altogether.


When there's too much stress and worry, when things seem to be falling apart, a man's mind can be taken to its limits and if he doesn't take care he can suffer some mental issues that could be devastating.

Mental illness can be both temporary or long term. It can sneak up on a guy without him knowing it and not have outward signs. Being focused on one's duties and life can help a man notice the first sign when things are going wrong. Mental illness need not be genetic. It can be the result of a bad diet, diseases, lack of exercise, and other things. It can hit a guy from any direction and that's why being aware of the types of mental illnesses that can strike a man is worth good study.

There are lots of books and websites where professionals offer help and insight. Even if you're totally unaware of the types of mental health problems that can strike a man, you can start from the bottom and learn rather quickly. Don't worry about the stigma of mental stress and such. The sciences behind mental health are relatively new in human history so the scientists are still trying to figure it out. What we do know is that there are several factors involved in diagnosing and treating as well as preventing such.

Think of the mind like your computer. If you put a lot of bad software in it, the computer won't compute and process things efficiently. Same goes for your mind. We get hit with all sorts of nonsense, lies, inconsistencies and more. Add to all that the stress men have to face on a daily basis and you have the recipe of sometimes going out of balance and needing professional help. Often just talking to a therapist can alleviate a problem. That's all, and that means knowing where to find one. This is where focus comes in because you have to avoid the fear and stigma associated with mental health. No one operates at 100% mental efficiency. No one. Even the brightest minds on Earth can do less than optimum decisions and actions and get upset or even worse. It's part of being human and being a man more so.

First thing, look at yourself honesty and your situation in life. Are you happy? If not at what and where you think you should be, what do you think you'll need to be to get there? Think realistically here. Do you have a comfortable living space? Friends, and family that are supportive? Are you able to make a plan about your life that you can follow step by step for improvement? If so then you can prevent a lot of stress and confusion and fear. This alone will keep you focused and be better regarding your overall well being mentally. Stay away from stressful situations and people and look at what you do daily or think daily that is pro survival and not detrimental.

Our endocrine systems can go askew and cause less than optimum mental performance. If a mental health problem is attributed to this then you need to look at diet. Bad diet, drugs, alcohol, can be the catalyst that throws your mental health into a tailspin. If a doctor states so then it would best to listen and stay focused on their treatment. Avoid medication as best you can and look for natural ways to get your physiology in order. Many studies of late have shown miraculous changes in mental health through diet changes alone.

So it behooves men to stay focused on their mental health. If that falls apart, everything falls apart.