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There are just some people in a man's life that make that life miserable. No one deserves these kinds of people and the faster a man distances himself from them the better. That being said, a man's mental health and his relationships needs closer scrutiny.


We all have family that can get on our nerves. Co-workers, neighbors, associates, in-laws, can all add to stress when they have those personalities and habits that makes a guy want to go ballistic. Some people push to the point that a guy can end up going to jail after punching one of them in the face or worse. These people are the plagues of our lives and learning how to handle them is paramount if a man is going to have some peace of mind.

As harsh as it may seem, the first line of defense against people in our relationships that bring us stress is to cut them off. That's right, just tell them one last time, goodbye. That will solve that problem right there. The problem is that we can't always just cut people off especially family and co-workers. In that case you have to make a decision. Is that person a constant annoyance and danger to you. There can be no compromise in this as you need to get them out of your life as soon as possible. Reasoning with them hasn't helped and they've pushed the limit. They may or may not be hostile to you but are so irresponsible that their very existence can drive you up the wall with stress. Regardless, you and you alone have to handle it.

Face off. One final face off is required here. If it's a co-worker who is a royal pain then nail down exactly why they're such a royal pain. Are they rude? Do they butt into conversations or have negative things to say about others? Do they constantly interrupt your work cycle? In this case the first step is to inform a superior. Let them handle it and if they don't do it to your satisfaction then take matters into your own hands, face off with the annoying person and tell them why you don't want them around you and make it a stern, harsh warning. That'll wake them up unless they're just a hostile idiot.

The same goes with family. Some family members think just because you're related they can say or do whatever they want without regard to your feelings, goals, or comfort. Family can be far more than a royal pain and enter into things one wouldn't let anyone near. Like the co-worker, are they rude, hostile, nosey, interrupting your life or challenging your authority? Are they messy and irresponsible? Bottom line is you shouldn't have to tolerate any of their nonsense whatsoever. You deserve some peace of mind after a hard day's work and although you may love family, you have a responsibility to make things go right and that might call for a harsh stance. Remember, the situation is that stress can harm or kill you. The other person in the relationship or other people are bringing in too much stress. If it's at that point you bring things to a head and if it calls for it, if nothing civil works, then you've got to cut that person or persons off. Hopefully after a while they'll get it and modify their shortcomings and come back to the fold.

Getting stress out of our relationships takes care, compassion, and a stern stance. No one has the right to bring stress to your life to the point it can be majorly disruptive and harmful to your mental and physical health. No one. Handling these people takes precision, not knee-jerk anger and hostility. Take your time, target correctly and be polite but with a strong character and you'll hopefully handle things right for your well being.