Men Need Skin Conditioning Too

This isn't sissy stuff. The issue of having your skin in it's best condition is paramount to good health and good looks.

Our skin is the largest organ on or in the body. It's duties are numerous and must be taken care of properly for our entire lives. The elements, chemicals, pollution, bad diet, can all lead to the skin being compromised and a series of catastrophic health events occurring. It's not sissy to take care of your skin and a young man would be well advised to start early and keep up a good regimen, not only to good looking but to remain healthy.

Our skin is made up of several layers. Each layer has a different function all geared to protect the body and produce chemical reactions of great importance. Think of skin as a huge chemical defense and vital chemical production shield. It protects against disease, insect and animal bites, scratches and scrapes and protection from radiation. Skin is super smart and the body cannot exist without a properly clean and well managed skin surface.

The first salvo should be diet and hygiene. Cleaning the skin regularly without damaging the essential oils the body produces is optimum. Simple soap and water should suffices as well as many natural cosmetic lotions and solutions. Note how 'natural' is emphasized here. It's because far too many mainstream companies add questionable chemicals that could damage the skin or other system in the body. Nutritionists and cosmeticists have been battling for years to come up with safe and effective skin treatments and men should stay well aware of them especially those who work outside, with chemicals, or engage in sports.

Men can do major damage to their skin and not care. It's because it's acceptable to look rugged and manly. That is dangerous because leathery, damaged skin is a sign that trouble is on the way. The skin produces vitamins and regulates other chemical and compound interactions. Those fellows who work in harsh conditions in the outdoors are double trouble. They have to clean and maintenance their skin as who knows what types of contaminants they may be exposed to. That goes for men who work in industries where chemicals and other substance abound. Covered in oil, soot, grease, dust, all these after a long period could lead to illness. Cleaning products and preventative solutions are best to be employed and not leave caution to the wind.

There are many products out there but also giving the skin room to breathe is essential. Being covered up 24/7 doesn't allow the skin to make contact with the air. The air can be quite the rehabilitating factor in helping to keep skin flexible and healthy. Sunlight is a situation whereby it can save skin or destroy it. Some people genetically have super resistant skin that the Sun doesn't damage as much. It's wise however for even these men should use a sun screen just in case. Sun screen solutions are all the rage nowadays but not every product is up to par. There has to be studying done that makes for the right choice and safe one. Don't just buy the bottle with the cute suntanned chick in the bikini but consult with your doctor about sun screens to see what they have to recommend. You don't want to overdo it or underdo it.