Today's medicines can do wonders. What mankind has at its behest is light years ahead of what it had 100 years ago. Having these pharmaceutical drugs can be miracle of sorts but can also be detrimental, a living nightmare if abused and men need to keep a sharp eye on their use.


Most drug companies go through seemingly impossible hurdles to get a new drug approved. It an cost billions of dollars for the simplest ones as they have to go through an extensive trial period and scrutiny by higher officials. These officials are both in the medical field and in government. The reasons being that if the process was easy, any clown could put a deadly drug out on the market at any time. This doesn't mean that deadly drugs don't get approved but the process and procedures are there to minimize the dangers.

Men have to be on top of these things. Our bodies are bigger and stronger than those of women and children and we require higher doses. That's the trick right there. Our size and lifestyles require more of a drug or substance than others. That being said it calls for men to be more vigilant. Ask your doctor about your dosage and the possible side effects. Sometimes men are given higher doses when in truth it wasn't necessary. This can lead to anything from over medicating a fellow to increasing the potentially hazardous side effects.

Another danger is that some pharmaceuticals can affect the muscles that men use during heavy labor or sports. Since men are more stronger and have greater endurance, the effects of a pharmaceutical can be nil or quite noticeable. It takes time to notice these changes and sometimes the changes can be fast and dramatic. Any changes from taking a pharmaceutical needs to be reported to a doctor asap. Don't get all manly and think that you have everything under control. It doesn't work that way. Nature is trying to tell you a change is occurring and you need to pay attention to it. Also, don't get stupid and think you need a higher dose and take more than is being prescribed by your doctor. Abuse of a pharmaceutical drug can have devastating results, some being irreversible.

A fellow should check up on the drugs he's being prescribed before, during, and after taking them. There are numerous official and watchdog consumer and patient groups websites, blogs, and forums. These venues help people to make the right choice regarding their prescription pharmaceuticals. This is great because when something goes wrong, lots of people can be alerted to it. Not only the public but the manufacturers as well. Sometimes a manufacturer can do all the testing in the world and not know of a problem until after months or years of public use. Such vigilance and sharing of data helps to keep the drugs in check and the public safe.

It's up to you to take a good deal of the responsibility of what drugs you take. Sure not all fellows are scientists and well known about the world of medicine but every little step helps. Communicating with others and making sure your doctor knows what's going on are very vital steps in ensuring your own safety and well being.

Finally, don't go by hearsay and rumor about a pharmaceutical. Your friend Joe might be a good worker and friend but if he isn't a healthcare specialist or medical professional then his opinion and two cents are just that. Go to the sources, they're readily available nowadays like no other. Get the facts, don't fall prey to foolishness and you'll get the better of your prescription regimen.