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Men And Swimming, A Cardio Workout That Can't Be Beat

For the most overall body workout you can get anywhere, swimming beats all other forms of physical fitness hands down. Men can get into a swimming exercise regimen and see improvements in just a few days.


Swimming is natural for us humans. We're one of the only primates who love to play in the water. We even have webbed fingers and toes and our bodies are adapted to long periods in and under water. We're more of a water ape than any other primate. That being said, a good swimming regimen is something natural and easy to accomplish and you will never be sorry you started one.

Swimming encompasses every single muscle in the body. No muscle group can escape the rigors of swimming. The first day you dive in and start kicking your body makes repairs to your systems to make swimming more efficient. Your lungs and skeletal muscles get hit first. As you learn how to hold your breath more efficiently the oxygen going in and out of your system gets optimized. You're better able to regulate your body's various systems and you become a metabolic efficiency machine. As your metabolism increases you start burning body fat like crazy. You'll have to watch your caloric intake though and not pig out right after a swimming session or you'll lose the fat burning gains.

First of all when starting a swimming regimen you'll need to pick where you're going to swim. Either at a facility or an outdoor choice. Some men live in rural areas or exclusive areas where lakes and ponds are available for swimming during certain times of the year. Fellows who live near the sunny coasts have the ocean to play in. Wherever you choose to exercise via swimming you'll need to gauge yourself so that you can measure the benefits via a set of statistics.

An indoor choice like a fitness club or at a school or office allows for better accuracy for keeping statistics on your progress. Some pools are Olympic sized or a size where competitions can be held or practiced. The trick to swimming for exercise is to allow for endurance and strength building. Doing laps may be difficult at first but swimming will increase your abilities very quickly. It's because men and humans in general are built for swimming. You'll find there are some people who can last several minutes under water and that people like saxophone players can last even more. It's because they've had the practice to use their lungs more efficiently.

It's best to start out slowly. Get your rhythm in, know what you can and can't do from the start and make sure there's someone to watch you while you're swimming in case something happens. Learning to swim takes not too long and doing it for exercise not difficult at all. All you have to do is pace yourself and keep your stats. If you do 300 meters the first day then the next time do the same 300 meters and see how you feel. If it was easier then repeat and rinse and repeat until it's child's play. Then you move on to 400 meters or 500 meters until you know how much you can advance comfortably. You'll find after the first month your body is more tone, your metabolism is up and your skin clears up. The chlorine in the pools can be damaging but adding a hair care and skin lotion remedy will handle all this.

The bottom line here is that swimming is a benefit overall and for men a great exercise regimen to keep up their entire lives. It's natural!