Martial Arts For Men's Fitness

Many people don't realize the importance and overall well being that the martial arts offer. Men of every walk of life can improve themselves remarkably by taking martial arts classes. So the question of are martial arts classes good for men need be addressed.


Not all martial arts come from Asia. Sure we've all seen the movies and television shows from China and Japan. Martial arts is defined as defensive and offensive fighting skills and exercise regimens of a finely developed nature. You'll find martial arts from just about every culture on every continent. Some are more advanced than others, some use weapons and some don't but the bottom line is they employ a science and art to the skills of defense and offense.

How this addresses mens' health is simple and of utmost importance. One doesn't just take the martial arts to learn how to beat up people. The martial arts employ a series of exercises, drills, philosophy, healing, prevention, stress reduction and more. Spiritual development is also a key in the upper level martial arts disciplines as well. Diet, nutrition are important as well and only the finest of martial arts will employ all these.

Drills regarding exercise will keep a man fit and ready like no other discipline. Sometimes jogging, stretching, repetitive motions each with a defined result can keep the cardio system in shape, lungs, and muscles in top condition. Sure you'll be able to kill a bear with a punch but you'll also be able to prevent and remedy illnesses and injuries. That's what a martial arts regimenes as well as sparks your mental and spiritual clarity. You won't injure as easily and you'll mend faster. You'll avoid confrontations and keep cool where others lose it. The stress reduction benefits of martial arts training is second to none.

The most popular martial arts are Kung Fu, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and boxing. Yes, boxing is a martial art and a deadly one. So is wrestling. The Asian martial arts are the ones most popular thanks to Hollywood and Hong Kong movies. These disciplines are thousands of years old. The include exercise, meditation, diet, prayer, and more. The busy businessman or the athlete would do well to have some martial arts training. Just for the stress release and management benefits alone. Breathing exercises, muscle use efficiency can lower blood pressure and give one the bearings to perform with greater efficiency.

Choosing which martial arts discipline to follow should be done carefully. Each demands on different levels depending on what you hope to achieve. For an overall workout and lifestyle change Kung Fu is best. It's because it is very old and has been perfected to the point that it's almost flawless. It teaches you hard work which is what Kung Fu means. Traditional Kung Fu training is harsh. It's only for the utmost devotees done in temples. Conditioning the knuckles, elbows, knees, and feet to grow massive callouses is not what the average fellow needs or wants. Instead the basics of Kung Fu are sought after. It teaches patience, observation, control over biological systems, accuracy, awareness, speed, strength, and confidence. After just a few months of training a fellow can feel like a new man.

Karate, Jiu Jitsu also are as valuable as Kung Fu following with similar benefits and disciplines. You'll be part of a new family when you join a class aka dojo and you'll find friends for life. Make sure to choose a teacher and class that is enthusiastic but not antagonistic or reserved. Some people take things too seriously.

Finally, make sure you have a complete physical and talk to your doctor about your move to martial arts training. You're going to get some bumps and bruises but in the short and long term you'll be a better man overall for it.