Sometimes a man can be a wee bit too aggressive in life and handling that aggression means approaching it from several directions.


Aggression is the result of a combination of factors. It's a balance of hormones, emotions, mental stress or the result of toxins and nutritional problems. Finding the source of the excess aggression is highly important as it could lead to one's downfall.

You'll know when you're being highly aggressive in the amount of destroyed property and relationships around you. Aggression doesn't last 100 percent of the time and ebbs and flows during the day and night. Your friends and family and associates will notice too and respond by being aggressive to get you back in step or cower and avoid you leaving you ostracized from the group. That should wake you up and get you to realize you've been too harsh with them.

Mind you, aggression isn't evil or wrong. It's natures way of getting you to forge ahead and tackle those challenges. It's when aggression becomes too much and does more damage than good iw when it is an undesirable trait. Remove aggression from a man's life and he'll fold under and get run over by life. Being over aggressive will put a man in danger from attack by others. It's finding the sources of the aggression and evening the keel that is the goal of handling aggression.

First of all focus on the nutritional side. Are you eating an unbalanced diet? Too much sugar perhaps? That will bring on aggression. Too little or too much protein, too much or too little complex carbohydrates. Chemicals in the processed foods we consume, too much alcohol and the use of illegal drugs and sometimes prescription medication can send a man off balance and increase his aggression factor. Left unchecked these aggressive postures can lead to injury and civil disruption that might have law enforcement involved.

If you have a history of hyper aggression then it's high time you saw a doctor about it. Start with the general practitioner who'll do all sorts of tests on you. That doctor will see if there are any imbalances in your systems and if the causes of those imbalances are from the inside, outside, or a combination of both. If for example you've been eating too much sugar in your diet, the doctor will recommend that you cut it down and see the results. It's quite common. If it turns out that extra whiskey or beer you've been quaffing ignites those aggressive fires then it's high time you put a lid on the drinking until you've gathered yourself together. Should medication, drugs be a factor you'll need an expert to help you handle it and your doctor will find a specialist in regard to the specific drug or combination to remedy the situation.

Stop assigning the source of your aggression to someone or something else. Your wife or your job aren't making you aggressive. You're choosing aggression to face the challenges you feel are real regarding others and the situations you encounter in life. Blaming others only invalidates your own choices in life and makes for greater confusion and complication. Each man is a different degreee of basic aggression than another and what sets one man off may not set another man off. Each of us has the ability to control our aggression by facing the problems we've yet to resolve and finding the sane solutions to them. This is where the mental part of aggression comes in. Nan unsolved problem in life can lead to such frustration that a fellow attacks the problem as though he were fighting a lion. Next thing you know furniture is broken and relationships are destroyed. Mental aggression should be handled by a man who must realize that there are answers and solutions but you must be patient and do some studying.

Relaxation techniques come in handy too as does some good old fshioned exercise. Don't leave these out even if you don't have an over aggressive nature. They're part of a well balanced lifestyle and health regimen on their own.