Making Muscle The Smart Way

Getting buff is what it's all about for some men and they go all out to get those pecs and arms looking dangerous. Building muscle is a natural thing but bodybuilding is a form of muscle growth that calls for step by step and careful, smart planning.

Basically what happens when you exert yourself with any form of weight the muscles in use tear. This is on a small level and not painful. The body responds by repairing the damaged muscle leading to muscle growth. Muscle is like a farm crop. You need to water it and give it nutrients, protect it and let it grow. Muscle also needs lots of rest. That's part of the healing process and why muscles get bigger faster and with greater quality.

Quality is the keyword here. Well fed muscle that is hydrated right will be toned and ready for action 24/7. It won't be flabby or sore nor quivery but just fine for whatever it needs to do. Quality muscle burns excess calories too and helps overall when it comes to health. Muscle is like a one stop win win situation over all. Getting the best quality muscle means paying attention to what you're doing and how you're doing it. From nutrition to the exercises themselves.

The exercises for building muscle or resistance training go from light training to heavy. If first starting out always do light training. Men will grow muscle faster the heavier the weight or the more the resistance. This means careful observation and follow through. The routine is simple, light weights at high repetitions will burn fat and make muscle lean. Heavy weights with low repetition will lead to growing big muscles and fast. Don't overdo it and you'll avoid injury and get the best out of your workout.

Know your muscle groups and don't go for just the pecs and biceps which most amateurs do. They don't realize that the upper arm isn't big because of the biceps but the triceps which are two thirds the upper arm mass. These amateurs look at magazines and figure they know what they're doing. No, work the supportive muscle groups, the big ones that hold and keep the bones and organs up and in place, the smaller muscles will grow automatically. Pecs have several approaches not just the bench press. The skeletal muscle is key here in that it's the muscle group that is attached directly to the bones and that means support in a big way. Those skeletal muscles are the anchor and the outer muscles rely on them. Work on a gradient upwards and carefully. You'll be stronger and establish a foundation for greater muscle growth and mass and easier exercise motion.

Range of motion and form are important. Don't waste time posing with your weights, concentrate on the motion and the goal. You'll end up looking good by default so don't worry about it. The most valuable thing you can do is establish a sensible bodybuilding program that is going to gain you that muscle mass but not at the cost of everything else.

Nutrition. This is where the rubber meets the road. Nutrition is the major factor in getting muscle to grow. Eating smart for muscle growth is unlike any other diet. Muscle requires more protein than usual especially for men. Getting the right protein is essential. There are numerous hucksters who shill all sorts of protein or mass building formulas and supplements and it is wise to steer clear of them. You want natural sources of protein first. The average diet however doesn't provide enough protein as one would have to eat an enormous amount of meat, fish or other source. Clean protein from egg whites and fish are good. Beef, pork, hopefully grass fed will go straight to the muscle without depositing any contaminants into your system. The muscle will eat this stuff up. You'll see gains in a short period of time and etter muscle quality at that. As more nutritionists get into bodybuilding and manufacturers find alternate sources of protein like from hemp or rice. The protein has to have the essential amino acids as well. Fine tuning your protein intake is integral to muscle growth and well being.