Some say that a man with a beard has a distinguished look about him. Having a beard or moustache calls for some fine attention and flair for the stylish.


Some men can grow a beard in weeks. Some may have to work at it for months. Since each man is different he has to take into account growing a beard or mustache may call for some help. Your facial structure, jaw, lips, nose, all come into play as nature may say you can but aesthetically you might have to take some tips from others.

First of all, would you look good wearing a mustache or beard? Will you look distinguished and cool or would you look like a caveman on the hunt for a hunk of dinosaur meat? Can you grow enough hair in the right proportion to get a full beard or mustache and if not can you make something out of what you can grow? There are some top haircare specialists out there at the salons who can trim and style facial hair like there's no tomorrow. They can slim, trim, shim, and curl. They take pride in their craft and can teach you how to maintain your facial hair so you'll only need to stop by the barber shop or beauty salon once a month or so.

You can have a great time growing and styling and maintaining your beard or mustache. The sky is the limit as to what you can do once you realize what can be done. Some guys love a big mustache and even have competitions to see who's mustache is the biggest, curliest, longest, or most attractive. Beard contests are often for the longest or bushiest. It's a lot of fun and contests are held from around the world daily. Thanks to the web we can see many of these contents via streaming video like on YouTube.

Taking care of your beard and mustache after you've grown them means using products that are easily available. You will need certain shaving and clipping tools as well as lotions, ointments and so on. When choosing topical solutions you'll want the most effective but safe. There are a lot of natural products you can use and manufacturers are rushing to get their latest products to the market. Natural products shouldn't cause skin irritation so that's why they're recommended. Commercial products mean you'll have to read carefully about the ingredients and then check with your dermatologist or someone who is knowledgeable in these products to see what they would recommend. It's important that you don't get something that damages or irritates the skin or makes the hair compromised.

All that done comes time to show it off. See what your friend and families have to say about your new look. Take into account your job too. If your beard or mustache is too much your boss might not like it. If you work in law enforcement for example a big beard or any beard might be prohibited. It's because in a fight someone could grab it and do you harm. That's generally where shaving the beard came from. To prevent an enemy from getting the upper hand on you.

People you know may be taken aback at first at your new look but the bottom line is, do you like it. Is your new facial art comfortable? Easy to manage? Does it add to your character? First impressions are lasting ones and although most of the time a beard or mustache won't cause people to run away in fear, not having one that fits you can be detrimental.

On the other hand, having a stylish beard or mustache can make you stand out from the rest. You'll find certain celebrities and other notables with a stylish beard or mustache that is their trademark. Artist Salvador Dali, actor Ceaser Romero, and others made their careers with their mustaches alone.

So if you think a new mustache or beard are what you're looking for then go for it. It's a man's privilege to sport his facial hair with flair and confidence.