Our legs are what carry us through the day. Having your legs in great shape means less chances of falling and injuring oneself and being able to travel the distances we need to in order to survive. Not only that but our leg strength allows us to carry heavy loads and defend ourselves.


A human kick can kill. In the old days people would kick a predator like a lion and break it's jaw which is a death sentence to the animal. Nowadays people in martial arts use kicks to disable an opponent but the danger is still there. What we need to understand is that the body favors legs first because we use our legs to go get things and run away from danger. A human beings legs are built to withstand the most rigors challenges. We may not run as fast as other animals but we can go farther on foot than any animal on Earth. That being said, doing leg squats is a must do exercise.

You can do leg squats and lunges using free weights or not. Basically you start off bu just doing squats. You might put a two inch board or brace under your heels and slowly descend and slowly rise. Do this as many times as you can before getting tired. Rest and do it again. You'll notice one of two things, you'll be able to do maybe five leg squats the first time and then ten leg squats the second time and then back to five until you're exhausted. On the other scale you may find you can do five leg squats the first time, four the next time, and maybe four or five the third time until exhauseted. This shows you how much you can do and that you need to build up your strength and endurance.

The body favors legs as mentioned earlier. When you build muscle and strengthen tendons and ligaments in the legs the body responds by sending more repair and nutrients. It knows without leg strenght the organism might not survive. You trigger an enormous amount of physiological reactions when you do leg exercises and the squats are powerful.

After a week of doing leg squats you'll notice you will spring up when standing up or running. It's because youv'e been challenging gravity andnow can move faster and more efficiently. Your legs will tone up and you'll look good too as your sacrum and spine aline better. Now you can move on to doeing leg squats or lunges with one leg. This targes themuscle groups in the legs better and brings about greater balance and performance. You just put one foot out in front of the other and lunge forward. Do it slow at first as you don't want to pull a muscle. You want to get that extension and strength. Doing a lunge too fast might bother the knee as well. Just take it slow and let gravity do its thing.

Now you can get adventurous and add weights to your squats. Adding weights to your squats will make you grow muscle so fast you might not be prepared for it. It doesn't take long either for leg squats to show results. Just a few days and if you're using weights in tandem to the squats you'll find that within a month you should be able to jump in the air like you came from the planet Krypton.

Doing leg squats is a wonderful form of exercise and takes care of all the muscle groups of the lower part of the body and builds up balance and breath control. You can't beat this most basic and important forms of exercise.