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Learning Boxing For a Healthy Men's Lifestyle

There is no other exercise regimen more fearsome than that of a professional boxer. Don't even think that you could achieve their level of fitness without super pro training. On the other hand the exercises and disciplines they endure you can learn as part of your own fitness regimen.


Boxing is probably the most dangerous or one of the most dangerous forms of self defense. It's a martial art as well. Boxing just isn't throwing punches hoping to knock someone out. Boxing is a science and art whereby the boxer is called upon to utilize incredible amounts of strength, stamina, awareness, resolve, and more. The training of a pro boxer is brutal and beyond the imagination of most people. We see in movies those montage scenes of boxers training to rousing music. We see clips during boxing events of fighters training but the truth is only a small handful of people can endure it. It takes a level of discipline and focus and physical presence few can present.

Men are natural boxers. Using our hands to strike out is our specialty. Human men are the only bipedal animals that use boxing as a defense. Some animals like the kangaroo can throw a mean punch and apes like chimps and gorillas don't throw punches but do damage in other ways. A human male in good condition can kill with a punch. Boxing is a discipline not to teach how to kill but to use the arms and body in an efficient manner to render an opponent unconscious at best. Not to kill with a punch is what a boxer well conditioned can do. They know their power and accuracy, anatomy and effect. Training is where this comes in and that training is what a man can learn to great physical fitness results.

Boxing calls for stamina and strength and intestinal fortitude. A boxer will have to have a top notch cardio regimen such as jogging. A pro boxer may run 10 miles every other day. That may be too much for the average guy but perhaps 6 miles every other day is efficient. Calisthenics comes next and a lot of them. Everything from jumping jacks to cartwheels and tumbling can be used. Each boxer is different so their regimens have to be tailored for their particular situation. Look at what you can do and talk to your boxing trainer about them. They'll be able to judge by assessment what you need, what you can do and what you can achieve even if you don't believe it. Stretching is important too. It avoids injuries and keeps the body fluid in motion. Helps the reflexes too which are definitely important in boxing training.

Men will have to hit the bag and the overhead bag. Pushups helps here as it buids up strength in the wrists and elbows so that less damage is done on impact. Boxing causes shocks to the body and those of your opponent. Not being in condition can lead to a broken wrist or other injuries. Exercise first, hitting things later. When punching the bag you'll be doing cardio too. You'll learn accuracy, distribution of energy and power and endurance. Even amateur boxers are in top condition. To be able to stand there for an hour and give and take punches is brutal. Without the stamina, strength, and endurance you'll be doomed. Training gives you the opportunity to see what you're really made of and once you reach a limit it's up to you to break through to the next level.

You went three rounds with a fellow boxing trainee? Well that's a testament to you. Most people can't fight more than a few minutes without collapsing. If you've gone three rounds, train more to go for six rounds. You and your trainer will see what you excel in. Some boxers win not by sheer power but by conserving energy and outboxing their opponent. Boxing training will make your body and mind so efficient in the use of energy that you will be astonished at yourself. The foods you eat which should be nutritious will be absorbed and distributed better, digested better, and excreted better. You'll run toxins out of your system far more efficiently than the average person and your levels of awareness will increase to remarkable levels.

It cannot be understated the benefits of boxing training for men or for anyone. Men in particular as they have the upper body strength. A smart weight lifting regimen is important as well. Just one month of introductory training will bring results that will bring you to new levels of awareness and ability. Sometimes people combine boxing with kickboxing. It's a big trend that burns excess calories like crazy.

So overall, there is no downside to boxing training for men's health. It's fun and challenging and will keep you on your toes for life.

Can you go the distance?