Guns. That's what we call our arms in the sporting and fighting areas of life and getting those arms big calls for a strategy of both basic exercises and the use of weight training.


First of all, men and boys make too many mistakes when it comes to arm workouts. We're all impressed by big biceps but the biceps are just one muscle group of the arms and the other groups deserve just about as much attention if not more.

Your arm muscles are comprised of the biceps, triceps, brachialus, extenders of the forearm and deltoids or shoulders. They all work in tandem like your legs and used to be legs millions of years ago so they're built very similar. Extending muscles and contracting muscles work with each other to allow you to lift and push things with your arms and they require exercises that target them. One misconception is regarding arm size. Those big arms you see on the champion bodybuilders and wrestlers and action movie stars are a combination of the biceps and triceps. The biceps which can get large are just 1/3 of the mass of the arm. The triceps are the big boys on the block and working them out will give you that huge monster size look.

Don't forget the forearms. Your forearms are deadly weapons. They're attached to your hands and fingers and can give you quite an amount of power when exercised well. You've seen the forearms on the champion arm wrestlers. They look like calves on the leg because they perform the same function and used to be leg calves millions of years ago. With heavily developed forearms that are hard as rocks you could do someone a good bit of damage in a fight. The forearm exercises that really work are the ones involving twisting and turning. Like taking a wet towel and twisting it dry. You do that for a month and your forearms will be deadly weapons. Curling for bicep development also helps the forearms, pushups, chin-ups, all contribute. The forearm ligament and tendons are super important and shouldn't be ignored. Keeping them strong and pliable means less chance of injury and better performance.

Curls are the primary bicep exercise. Using a single bar or with dumbbells you'll get those biceps up and running but it can take weeks. You might be able to put 3 to 5 inches on your upper arm from bicep training but then see a slowdown. It's because biceps can grow just so big. Again, far too many men work the biceps and ignore the triceps which are the real reason you see such big arms on the super stars.

Pushups and pull downs and dips are where triceps get their strength and size from. Triceps seem to never tire and will grow to huge proportions if you don't watch out. Sometimes they'll take a while to grow but once they pick up steam they're unstoppable monsters. Your triceps in coordination with your shoulders and pectorals are what deliver those devastating punches in combat training and boxing and martial arts. Never underestimate the power of the triceps, they're a power packed group of muscles of extraordinary proportions.

Deltoids or shoulders. Topping the arms are the deltoids. They're attached to your upper arm, back and chest. Working out your shoulders will help with arm size and vice versa. There are a good number of shoulder exercises that work wonders fast. Deltoids will grow faster it appears and they'll make you look good. The deltoids help to set the balance and aesthetics of the arms as well. They're such an important muscle group that they call for a workout article all their own.

Finally, getting bigger arms means doing precise and overall workouts. One group of muscles helps the other groups of muscles. Reflexes too. If you're looking for monster sized arms to make you look good or to help with your job then you're going to have to learn and do your arm routines with patience, strategy and responsibly.