A man's hair can sometimes be his trademark. A great head of hair can make the difference between success and failure when one is putting on one's presence. Today however, the shaved head look or the baldy, is just as preferable.


Men spend untold millions on their hair. From keeping those locks thick and wavy to keeping them glistening and attractive. Men around the world have just as many hairstyles as women do and one would think men wouldn't be so conscientious about their hair but men are just as vain as their counterparts. From toupee's to hair transplants, to ointments and other solutions, men go to great lengths to keep their hair.

On the other hand, the saved or bald look has gained immense popularity the past 20 years or so mostly thanks to the basketball stars who've made it a sign of professionalism, action, confidence, and virility. Soon, the style of a shaved head hit the music industry even stronger. As those celebrities gained more notoriety their fans started shaving their heads. Girls were going for guys with shaved heads and now the choice is epidemic.

Movie stars and politicians now shave their heads and it's no longer a sign of teasing and mystery like it was in the old days. Back then a few celebs were renown for shaving their heads. Yul Brynner and Telly Savalas made their careers by having shaved heads. They would be easily recognized all over the world as no other men would even dare to shave their heads and show up in public. Now it's so common there are are million dollar industries based on tools to shave the head and take care of the scalp.

To take into account a shaved head calls for some care too. The scalp and head when covered with hair is protected. That's what hair is there for, protection. Hair is made up of dead cells that protect the head and scalp from water, temperature, radiation from the sun and insects. Hair also is used to protect the head from extreme temperatures. Some hair is designed to keep the head warm and some to keep it cool. Shaving the head removes this protection and calls for adding protection like sunblock lotions, and hats. Just because the hair is shaved off doesn't mean you should neglect your scalp. Heat escapes through our heads and that can be dangerous in the cold weather. You'll still need to add nutrients to the scalp to keep it from flaking and getting infections especially from bug bites. The shaved head looks pretty tempting to mosquitoes. Doesn't mean you start spraying your head with insecticide but check with the natural products that can keep the buggers away.

It's a personal choice to have hair or not unless nature and genetics or illness intervene. Not all guys look good with a shaved head. It may make you feel like basketball legend Michael Jordan or super star Dwayne The Rock Johnson but if you don't have the head shape, a baldy can make you look ridiculous. If a wee bit of hair can offset that unusual dome then let it be. Ask your friends, family what they think about you with hair or not. Also your job may call for a shaved head or a good head of hair. Nowadays it's so acceptable that no one usually notices unless you're the anchorman of a broadcast news program.

So take into account what you feel good with and what is best for your social and business goals. If a luscious head of hair is what your wife or girlfriend likes then shaving it would be a bad mistake. If she likes a shaved head you're cool with that unless you really like your hair.