Getting Your Hair Back

You had that head full of thick hair that you were proud of. Suddenly age or genetics start to rob you of your locks and you're in a panic to figure out what to do before it gets too late. Men have had this problem for centuries and in today's world there are several alternatives ranging from the classic wigs and toupees to chemicals and minor surgery. It's up to each man to figure out what solution is best for them.

Scientists and beauticians work around the clock for solutions to hair loss. We know more now than ever before. We actually know the primary reason for male pattern baldness and it's a chemical the body produces call DHT. Once the body starts producing this in abundance the hair follicles go dormant. Researchers are racing to find out how to battle this as whomever comes up with a safe and secure treatment will be wealthy beyond avarice. Many fly-by-night companies claim they have cures and treatments but are generally full of bull. It takes researchers years to try and test things to make sure they're safe. Don't trust anyone making miracle claims and look for the detailed information that's backed up by solid medical documentation.

You've also got those hair loss gurus from around the world who have treatments based on all sorts of nonsense such as dried monkey spit or sauteed camel earwax. Desperate men can fall for these ploys and shell out tons of money only to be left high and dry. Luckily for most there are the latest advancements that might need a combination of techniques to ensure not only preservation of the hair that remains but also grow new hair.

The trick is the dormant follicles. Researchers have found out lately that hair follicles aren't dead, just dormant. That being the case a way to reinvigorate them has been the goal of scientists. Is it chemicals and compounds, diet, message, or all new treatments? One of these fields involves the growing adult stem cell market. These cells which are used by the body to repair itself might hold a very promising treatment or cure for baldness. One must understand however it's the body's reaction to DHT that leads to baldness and blocking the production of DHT is what some researchers are looking for and reviving the dormant hair follicles are what others are searching for.

It's going to be up to the scientists to finally figure out what to do. In the meantime such procedures as hair transplants are what seem to be the best outside of hair pieces for men.

Hair transplants require minor scalp surgery. The technician or doctor takes hair follicles from other parts of the scalp and puts them in places where baldness occurs. These plugs as they're called may contain a few hair follicles each and thousands of follicles may be needed to cover the bald spots. Once the plugs are in place they'll take root and grow. First the hair falls out after a few days and then the rehabilitation process begins. It will take some weeks to see hair growth but today's techniques might see them appear sooner. Once the hair comes back it's a matter of careful maintenance and follow up visits to the company that does the surgery. It's the best form of permanent hair loss replacement available today. One has to find a highly reputable source to go to and do one's due diligence to ensure an ethical and affordable solution.

Hair pieces are still in bloom and a wonderful alternative. The techniques and quality of the pieces has improved over the years and to the point that when done correctly are virtually undetectable. They'll stay put on the scalp and eve endure heavy sports, tugging, and other conditions. Finding a quality hair replacement system using such options is a matter of shopping around and following the recommendations of people who have purchased them. They'll be glad to tell you all about their experiences and how to get yours. Message boards are a great way to network with men who have had hair pieces or replacement products. Not every solution is good for every man so it will be a process of trial and error and getting familiar with the process.

Some replacement pieces require an adhesive to be applied to the scalp. Others require a weaving technique that needs to be updated now and then. Hollywood special make up professionals know the best there is and one can tell by looking at the stars themselves. Some you can tell are wearing pieces and others you couldn't tell even with a microscope over their heads.

Overall, the decision will be up to you. What you feel comfortable with and can afford. Do your shopping smartly and you should do well.