There's no better remedy than sleep.

For men's health a good night's sleep or nap can mean the difference between a peaceful and rewarding lie and one full of constant peril.


It's anage old remedy and far too often overlooked by today's man as he thinks he can go on forever without rest. Rest is how the body repairs itself and the mind. Without rest you run the constant problem of the body and mind not calibrating themselves properly and that ends up compromising the entire well being of the person. Nature intended us to sleep and rest at proper intervals during the day and night. Not paying attention to your need to rest is so dangerous it can't be understated.

Part of a good lifestyle is recognizing the importance of rest. A fellow with an active lifestyle or even sedentary one still needs rest. If you have a job that calls for extensive concentration and mental problem solving then you need that REM sleep level as well or your health could be compromised as well as your sanity. If your mind is compromised so will your body and vice versa. You have very complex and demanding systems running your body and mind and they require repair on a constant basis.

Rushing around at the office and then the problems at home then trying to do a workout means you're pushing yourself to the limits of endurance that require good nutrition and rest. To neglect either is a one way ticket to the hospital for sure. The daily rigors of life call for attention regarding to rest. Not only sleep but taking it easy now and then and just sitting down or lying down for a few minutes. Often a nap is required. The working man won't have an opportunity to take a nap unless he is an executive or has a huge lunch hour time span. If you can get in a nap do so. If not just a few minutes of meditation several times a day could do the trick. Going to bed at a set time allows the body to plan and rely on you for rest. It will adjust its systems so that it can set into motion the necessary process for getting the most optimum gains from your regular sleep cycles. If you go to bed regularly at 9pm and wake up at 5pm then that's your routine. Try to keep it regular. You'll not always be able to do so as there are social events and unforseen events calling upon you to go to bed later or wake up earlier. In any event get that regular rest time when applicable.

The quality of your rest is also important. Some people lay down but their mind are still racing. They're worried and anxious as they have some big deal in the works or there are troubling times at the moment. Family problems, romance problems, weather problems and all kinds of unresolved problems can keep your mind alert and you won't get that deep REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep that the mind requires so it can process more data and find answers. Without that troubleshooting the man will end up making the wrong decisions and and being off center in all you think or do.

So don't neglect your need for rest. It's more important than you may realize and can mean the difference between a healthy life and one that calls for serious medical attention. Don't think you're a superman and can do what you want all the time. Nature invented sleep for a reason and you deserve the right to rest when you need it.