Every week it seems there's some new celebrity diet or guru solution to getting rid of fat and especially that stubborn belly fat. Consumers and men in particular here are bombarded with supplements, drugs, mechanical devices and who knows what else the salespeople can throw at them. The bottom line is that the real secret is out now. All these so called diets and cures and treatments beat around the number one culprit: Calories.


Yes, that's the real big secret regarding excess fat but no one wants to own up to it because it spotlights that the excess fat is the fault of the person and the person's alone. It's not bread or soda or candy or genetics, it's a simple case of consuming more calories per day than you burn off per day. It doesn't get any more complicated than that. Whether you're five feet tall or six feet tall, if you eat too many calories you will get fat as excess calories are naturally stored in the body as fat.

Men try to blame age and everything else as do other people who are overweight. Men have a particular problem though like women in that excess fat will accumulate in areas particular to their sex. Women will store fat energy in the thighs and buttocks first. Men will store it in the abdomen and obliques. This is nature's way of putting the excess energy, which fat is, in out of the way areas. Remember, calories are energy units, eating too many calorie energy units will be stored in the body as fat. Plain and simple.

So how do we get rid of the belly fat in men? It's a simple matter of changing the diet first. No, not exercise although it helps. A man can wipe off pounds a week just by doing something simple but it may not be as tasty.

Let's look at food first. All foods have calories. Some more than others. For example a one pound steak will have 300 calories. The average man may need 2,500-3,000 calories a day. He'd have to eat 12 one pound steaks to reach his daily caloric intake. Nobody can eat that much. A bagel or donut however may have 500 calories each. That means five to seven of them a day reaches the caloric intake. Salads, fruits, and vegetables, nuts and grains have far, far lower calories but are higher in nutrition than donuts. So we would want to eat foods that are low in calories but high in nutrition. If you cut the calories by 500 calories a day you would lose that much in fat a day. 3,000 calories go into a pound of fat so if you cut 500 calories from your diet each day you would lose just over a pound of fat in one week.

You won't get sick or hungry doing this as you'll be eating different foods than you're used to and probably more than usual. It's all about energy and nutrition and monitoring your balance intake. If you have a job or sport that calls for greater caloric intake then you might need to eat far more than the average man. You want your metabolic rate to be high especially your resting metabolic rate so you'll burn fat when you sleep. Soon you'll see those problem areas like the stomach area and love handles dwindle in size because your body is eating up the excess fat to replace the amount of calories you've chosen not to eat.

Mind you, do this under a dietician's guidance. Let your doctor know you'll be monitoring your progress and diet each step of the way. If you eat smart and get to liking the new diet then you'll be good to go.

The bottom line here is that reducing belly fat for men is based on their personal responsibility. Keeping an eye on what you eat is the first step.