Feeling good? That's great but feeling good doesn't always mean that things are going good regarding the health of your body and mind and that's why you had better get that exam on a regular basis.


Far too many men think they're from the planet Krypton, that they're Superman or some other super being that doesn't need to see a doctor. That is the way so many men end up in the hospital or worse, disabled or dead. They think that science and nature don't apply to them and they shirk their responsibility to get an exam for their bodies and mind on a regular basis.

Doctors use these exams to see if anything has gone awry with you and to predict if future trouble is on the way. Without these exams you and your doctor are working in the dark and disaster can spring forth at any given moment making it impossible to treat. Health problems don't just spring up overnight in most cases. The big ones take a while to manifest but leave a significant trail in their wake. Exams are how the professionals do their detective and scientist work to determine if you're on the right path or the wrong path to health.

Cancer is one of these illnesses. Cancers usually get killed off by the immune system. Humans get cancers all the time but 99 percent of the time the body kills them off. If a cancer isn't killed off immediately and starts to grow, doctors can detect it and use early treatment to remedy the situation. Today's cancer treatments rely heavily on regular exams especially for men with prostate problems. It's scary to think about it but the prostate my have a problem in most men at various stages of their lives. Early detection is paramount in healing the fellow and if you're the kind of guy who thinks he doesn't need an exam or are scared, you're putting your life at risk.

Lungs, pancreas, heart, all have diseases that can sideline you or kill you. The early and regular exams will give a forewarning of trouble ahead or just show you're healthy with nothing to worry about. Should something manifest itselve however, you'll be forewarned nad forewarned means forearmed. You and your health care professional can then work out a way to prevent or remedy things before they get out of hand.

The internal organs aren't the only systems of a man's body that need the benefits of an examination,. The eyes, ears, skin, genitals, nails, all benefit. These are the external sensors of the body and along with the digestive system interact with the environment and other human beings more. From the teeth to the colon, the early exam will detect anything that is out of step and your doctor can then prescribe a series of actions, perhaps medications to prevent or alleviate any problems. It is wise not to underestimate the value of a doctor keeping a record of your state of health and doing so regularly.

With today's tools and technologies it's not that painful to get an exam. Well the colon/rectal exam might be a bit uncomfortable but the service it provides is invaluable. Most exams can be done in one sitting for an hour or less. Sometimes x rays and other imaging systems are employed like MIRs. Men who play sports might need the MIR to make sure there are no lingering effects from concussions and trauma due to impacts.

The bottom line here is that an exam, a series of regular exams are like looking into the future. You'll be advised by your doctor what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. The doctor will tell you what things in nature are affecting you or will affect you and together you'll team up to prevent and remedy anything that comes your way.