One of the funniest things to see regarding some guys who pump iron is that they'll spend all their time on upper body work and neglect their legs. When they're out in shorts they look ridiculous with these huge arms and chest but chicken skinny legs. For getting bigger and stronger legs you'll need to do just the right approach.


Our legs are the way we get around. The body favors legs for nutritional and healing resources. That being said, whatever leg exercise regimen you undertake you'll see results rather quickly.

The legs have two major muscle groups. The quadriceps and the calves. Think of your legs as arms. The quads are like the triceps and on the back of the upper thighs you have biceps. The lower leg has muscles similar to the forearms. Actually our arms used to be legs millions of years ago and both work the same with expanding and contracting muscles. The difference is the arms are used for grabbing and manipulating things and the legs are used for locomotion and defense.

The first set of leg exercises should be done after several weeks of calisthenics, walking, or jogging or any activity that gets the legs active. Once the tendons and connective tissue like ligaments are developed you can then move on to the big boy leg exercises that will bring you strength, size, and endurance. Squats are the first exercise. Slowly descending and standing up, preferably with a 2 inch platform under the heels for support will build up the quads, calves, and glutes. Next is adding weights to to your squats and progressively moving up in weight as you go along. Within 6 weeks you'll be astonished at what you've accomplished. In a year you'll be one dangerous hombre with quads looking like Godzilla.

Calves can be done with calf raises. That's where you stand on your toes and rise up. Do this repeatedly until muscle failure or you can't do it again. Rest a minute or two and repeat. When you're able to do several sets at low to high reps you'll then add weights to the exercise. Remember, it's heavy weights with low reps that build bigger muscles and light weights and high repetitions that build lean muscles. We're looking at building killer calves and legs so we do the high weights, low reps routine. When you add the weights take your time. The calves can take a great deal of punishment but you don't want to pull one. It's not fun.

Now, after you've done the basic exercises you move on to the resistance machines or free weights. This separates the men from the boys and will put pounds of muscle on you. Leg lifts, curls, leg presses, will fill your legs with power, endurance and muscle like you won't believe. A human's legs are very powerful and in the old days quite a formidable defense. A human kick can kill or disable so take that into account the responsibility you'll have once your legs are at maximum peak.

Remember to eat well. Diet is an essential part of muscle building and doing so will ensure maximum gains and quality. Eating junk food or processed foods aren't going to help much so you want to provide the best nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It may or may not cost more but your health is of utmost importance. You're building muscle which means you're constantly tearing muscle fiber and building it back up which requires the right combination of nutrients to build and maintain that body.

Finally, doing these things for building bigger legs will give you stability and strength and stamina that should get you out of any situation and make you look real good in shorts.