Anger is our enemy! Anger is our enemy! Is the line to the lyrics of a popular tune and it's right. Anger can destroy a person's life especially if that anger is unresolvable but there's a way to battle it with exercise.


Getting ones steam off via exercise is as old as exercise itself. Running, playing sports, pumping iron or just about any invigorating activity can alleviate pent up anger in a matter of minutes.

Men get angry over any number of reasons. It could be frustrations at work, home, politics, sports, the news, or family. This anger can pop up at any minute and a man who isn't in control of his emotions will fall prey to the chaos that unresolved anger will bring, not if. If you have an anger management problem then you should work on it now before it's too late. It will bring you down eventually especially if you drink too much or take illegal drugs. A bad diet can influence your emotions as well and if you're choosing to resolve problems via anger then you're in for deep trouble. Science has shown that we choose our emotional states not the other way around. It takes some discipline not to choose anger. If you don't have that discipline then try exercise to work out the frustration. Anger needs an outlet or outside resolution to dissipate. Sometimes our anger stems from situations we failed to solve or from attacks from the outside. In either case you've got to be master of your anger or it will master you.

Look at when anger arises in you. That's the first step. Is it at regular intervals during the day, week, month? Is it the failure of the postal person who doesn't deliver your mail correctly each weekend or perhaps the garbage truck that spills refuse on your lawn every Tuesday. Maybe it's the co-worker on the job who constantly comes by and pesters you with questions. Perhaps it is your family or a member of your family who hasn't resolved a personal problem or habit that drives others crazy. These are all situations that need to be handled and the one person who can see to an end to these constant problems.

Real or imagined threats can bring about anger and it's a good thing to take time to evaluate what is real and not in your life. What is holding you back or putting obstacles in your path. Are these deliberate or by accident? That's the trick right there. If you mistake one for the other you'll dig yourself a bigger hole where anger can plant it's roots. This is where clear thinking and using an exercise regimen comes in. Exercise can relieve the stress that's built up. It can help clarify the mind and allow you to be more focused on the things in your life that bring anger into the picture.

Look at what exercises appeal to you, the ones that make you feel enthusiastic. That's the ticket right there. If the exercise or sports activity makes you happy then you've taken a major step in defeating the affect anger has on you. You may find during these activities that you've allowed yourself to become angry for no reason at all and can now devote your time to more optimum pursuits. If you do have enemies about you then showing anger is the best way to help them conquer you. They know anger is a step down and they'll do whatever they can to compromise you by turning your anger against you.

Don't let anything or anyone bring anger into your life. Using a regular and enthusiastic exercise regimen will minimize those moments of anger and allow you to think and act more clearly, to effectively change things in your life for the better.