Too much of a good thing can be dangerous and that goes double for your workout routines.


It's excellent that you have a workout routine in the first place. It means you've developed the discipline and responsibility to take charge of your health and life. That being said there is also the responsibility of doing things sensibly and not putting yourself at risk by overdoing your workouts.

The dangers of going too far when working out can range from minor to fatal. You can pull muscles, tear tendons and ligaments, bruising, dehydration, or compromising an organ and more.

A little bit goes a long way with exercise and that means taking things in the right portions. If you're not working on a marathon then don't try to run a marathon. Having above average endurance is fine but not at the cost of your health and life. You have to work things in tandem with common sense and that goes double for resistance training.

Lifting weights and other forms of resistance training can be a major test on the body's systems. Free weights more. With free weights you're not only testing your strength but you're handling a real object that calls for balance as well as strength and endurance. Drop one of those free weights and you run the risk of serious damage to yourself and property. Guys have a tendency to push their limits just to see how much they can take and that's part of the challenge and how we move past the limits we face. That's all good but overdoing it is something not worth the dangers.

Weight lifting and resistance training are not to be sneezed at. This is serious training and calls for exceptional discipline and responsibility. Doing too much can cause temporary or permanent damage. The same goes with swimming, jogging, walking, and especially sports.

There's a time to do and a time to stop. Not knowing how to stop means you're headed for danger down the road. If you have a tendency to overdo things then what you need to do is have your trainer, partner, or friend put the stops on you. Sometimes men get carried away and don't realize they done far more reps, miles, or laps than they should and end up sorry they did.

Sitting at home in bed with sore muscles and worn ligaments and tendons wallowing in self pity is not what we call optimum results from a workout. It's a sign you've done too much and that means now you'll have to use valuable time to mend and heal. If you're unable to function you're unable to work or go to school or enjoy life in general. You may look cool to others while you're pumping those extra unnecessary reps or those splashy laps around the pool while listening to your favorite workout music but in the end when you're moaning and groaning and wishing someone had stopped you it will be too late.

If you suffer from an overabundance of too much enthusiasm then you need to work on it. Friends, trainers, doctors, can pitch in until you finally get the discipline need to put your activities in check.

Workouts are great but overdoing them is not. Men should take heed to this and realize they're not supermen but are mere men with limitations that nature put there for a reason.