As men get older, actually when all of us get older, sometimes our ability to hear can get compromised. It can be from just age or a build up of problems we didn't take into account. That being said, men, don't neglect your hearing.


Our ears and hearing apparatus are delicate yet sturdy at the same time. Nature has equipped us with a mechanism for hearing that works in all temperatures and even under water. It's a system of catching sound waves where our brains interpret into recognizable data such as language. Sounds as well that indicate proximity or danger. Hearing can be compromised by any number of factors and we need to be alert to them.

Since our hearing depends on the mechanics of hearing apparatus that nature so finely crafted we need to look at what can compromise our hearing and for men that can mean a lot if we're not careful.

First is disease. Any number of illnesses can cause damage to the bones and tissues that our hearing is made up of. Measles, the Flu, Chicken Pox, Malaria, STDs, can all damage our hearing and if proper care isn't done to recover from them we might lose our hearing altogether. Avoiding and preventing diseases is the first step. Getting your preventative shots and not thinking you are some genetically superior human who survive what life sends at you is the smart thing to do. If you're going to travel to another country then make sure you get the recommended preventative inoculations and don't be arrogant enough to neglect this.

Occupational events like loud machinery and noises can cause hearing loss too if one isn't careful. Men who work in discos or bars where loud music is the norm should be on the alert that too much can cause problems down the road. Same goes for men who work the concerts. The decibel level is atrocious and often the venue managers don't care about the laws. If you play in a a band and the music is loud you're running a risk as well. Some guys develop hearing problems and some don't but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take precautions.

Men who work in places with sirens and loud machinery often wear earplugs but some guys think they're immune. They don't realize they're putting themselves at risk.

Blasting that portable music player at maximum volume is insane. You're damaging the fibers in your ears and putting extreme stress on the eardrums themselves. Remember, the fibers, the little hairs inside your ear canal do two things, they help interpret sound waves and clean your ears. If your ears aren't clean they could develop an infection that can do irreparable damage. Your ear canal is attached to your mouth area. An infection in either can damage one or both. In this case damaging the ear canal and its apparatus can mean big trouble.

Our ears and hearing mechanisms are tough. They're built to be tough and can take lots of punishment but nature generally doesn't produce phenomena that reaches the levels of consistent decibels that our devices do. Playing music loud, televisions loud, working in loud working environments, are things that a man can work on and prevent the problems that can occur to hearing.

Military personnel can be around all sorts of loud things. Preventative measures are taken but sometimes they can't be. Combat with loud explosions and gunfire can take a devastating toll on men's hearing.

Finally, fighting. Boxers, martial artists, and even that occasional bar fight can damage the ears in the short or the long term. Fighting might be what men do but the risk of hearing damage is just as great as other damage so think before you throw that first punch.

As the medical treatments for hearing loss improve, especially in the stem cell industry that is showing miraculous results, repairing men's hearing may be easier. It doesn't mean to neglect things now but at least there's hope for the future.