Most men want that good looking chest, broad shoulders, and strong arms but forget the primary exercise for this is the good old pushup. Learning how to do pushups is very important for any upper body workout.


First of all, men make the mistake thinking the more pushups you do the bigger your chest and arms and shoulders will get. Not the case. It's about quality of the pushup exercise that is most important. Basically how you od your pushups will determine how successful you are. Remember, you're moving a good percentage of your body's weight while doing pushups and that can equate to over a hundred pounds on a bench press. The difference with pushups are that you end up using several large muscle groups at the same time. Your pectorals bot large and small, tricepts, deltoids, extenders of the forearm, lats, teres minor and teres major. All these muscles go into action when you do a pushup and doing a pushup properly will maximize your gains.

Some men just pump and pump to see how many pushups they can do. That is for energy and stamina and will burn off calories and build endurance. To get those muscular gains you have to approach the pushups like you would with weights to build bigger muscles. Heavy weights with low reps build mass. Lighter reps with high reps cuts you up and builds endurance. Doing slower and more targeted pushups will straighten out your carriage and spine and build more muscle mass. So you'll have to set yourself just right, shoulders and hands matching and drop down and exhale. Then you push upwards, inhale. Do this until you can't do anymore pushups and rest. You might want to do another upper body exercise in tandem with your push ups like dips which will build your triceps up fast. Remember when you see those bodybuilders and professional wrestlers with 20 inch arms two thirds of the muscles you see are the triceps not the biceps. Far too many men work their biceps and neglect their triceps and wonder why their arms don't get big.

It's the quality of how you do your pushups that matters most as mentioned earlier. You can now experiment with different types of pushups.

Wide Stance Pushups

Place your hands down a bit wider than your shoulders. Don't go too far but just enough to feel the tension. Then slowly descend and then push up. Do this until muscle failure, rest, and then do another set. This will make your shoulders wider faster.

Close In Pushups

This time you'll place your hands on the floor with your chest overhead. Again, descend and then push up. This is the toughest of all forms of pushups but will allow for all the pectoral muscles to be exercised with a great efficiency.

Diamond Push Ups

Next to one-arm pushups, the diamond pushup is the most difficult. It calls for all your upper body strength to perform but it builds muscle and stabilizes your upper body like crazy. You place your hands together with index fingers touching at the tips and thumbs touching at the tips and then perform the push up. Don't worry if you can't do it the first time, it takes practice and should only be done after you've gotten a good deal of time with standard pushups. Once you master the diamond pushup nothing can shake your tree.

One Arm Pushups

Finally the king of pushup terror are the one hand pushup exercises. These call for balance, strength and stamina and should only be performed after mastering the earlier techniques. Once you get this one done your balance will improve and you'll put more mass on your arms.

Remember, quality comes first regarding push ups not quantity unless you're into boxing or the martial arts. It only takes about 3 weeks to get your upper body set and some muscle growing from doing pushups but you can see results within the first week. In six weeks you'll be good to go and then when you do upper body workouts with weight training it will be easier and more efficient.