Dental Hygiene For Men

Dentists know more now about dental care than any other point in history. With the advanced dental technologies available and more coming in every year, dentists can perform wonders on even the worst teeth in a matter of hours. Men need to pay particular attention as men have a rougher lifestyle than women and children so the question of dental care for men needs to be addressed.


Our teeth are remarkable biological products. The mouth itself is an astonishing achievement that detects temperature, taste, smell, texture, vibration and more. The teeth are used primarily for chewing food so that digestion can be more efficient. Keeping up on maintenance of the teeth is paramount. It's just not a matter of getting cavities but much, much more. The teeth are constructed of enamel and bone. They're set sturdily into the jaw and upper mandible. They can take a lot of punishment both from impact and wear and tear, however, disease can sideline even the toughest of men if their dental hygiene is less than optimum.

We've all been told to brush and floss three times a day. Not all men can do that. People in combat or heavy labor may miss a session or two. That may or may not allow for detrimental chemical reactions to occur leading to tooth decay or gum or mouth diseases to take hold. When this happens an entire world of possible problems can emerge and some life threatening. Your mouth is the gateway to your body. It is not only where you stuff food but it's a chemical processing system that interacts with your environment sending vital information to the brain and body 24/7. Your teeth must chew food to a paste so that it can be easily digested in the stomach. Men often eat foods that are 'manly' and lots of them. Maybe not as much candy as a kid but nuts, pretzels, those snacks at the bar. Men also like to taste those robust flavors on their meats like 'extra smoky' or 'super hot sizzling'. These flavorings are loaded with salt and sugars and other chemicals that can do serious damage if left unattended.

You see, nutrition is a big factor in dental care for men. Eating the right fods means less damage and less need for maintenance and repair. The teeth can repair themselves if given the right vitamins and minerals. If things have gone too far and decay has decimated several teeth to the point of no return there are alternatives thanks to dental surgery.

Nowadays, entire sets of new teeth can be implanted in a few hours under anesthesia. Some men lose their teeth from decay, disease, or just rough lifestyle. Fighting, accidents, can knock out teeth that can't be replaced. The new dental procedures take care of this and quickly. You don't want your teeth in a state of disrepair as it could compromise other systems in the body. Disease can enter the body through damaged teeth into the bloodstream and cause any number of illnesses.

Dental product companies are first to jump on any new dental care trend and know that men are a huge consumer base. It hasn't gotten to the point of selling 'Combat Toothpaste' or 'Manly Man Toothpaste' but it could get there. These products may be loaded with sugars and other harmful compounds so it's best to investigate before using. Talk to your dentist about what they recommend. Natural products have emerged to quite a bit of fanfare and following.

As the dental care for men landscape keeps expanding, it is a good step forward to make sure you're in the picture.