Bodybuilding? Better Study First

Bodybuilding? Better Study First

Bodybuilding is no joke. It's a highly stressful regimen on the body and gives the mind a boost of cognitive energy. It is highly recommended that one studies up on everything bodybuilding one can get one's hands on in order to not only avoid injury but to get the maximum gains possible.

Bodybuilding is both a science and an art. One is not only lifting weights or resistance training but sculpting the body by focusing on certain muscle groups for an aesthetic appearance. This takes a keen eye for shapes and balance. A wherewithall to go the distance and not only lift the weights but to maintain concentration so that the sculpting can be achieved. This takes skill and doesn't happen overnight. It takes a great deal of study and hitting the books and websites of the professionals is the only way to go.

Luckily for us men there have been giants in the bodybuilding arena. The late Joe Weider and his family left a legacy spanning over half a century. Every exercise and trick in the book was recorded and published in his magazines and video. The people who partook of his knowledge and then became professionals like Arnold Schwartzenegger and Lou Ferrigno have gone on to teach millions. They too have books, videos, lessons and more. Following the pros is the best path to take. If you don't know what you're doing you'll find some by studying the fundamentals and going from there.

First of all, learn the muscle groups. How are you going to build something if you don't know all the parts. Yes there are hundreds of muscles and each one should be studied and what they do. Muscles are divided into two functions, contraction and expansion. Triceps are expansion, biceps are contraction. The muscle groups in the fingers and toes, the back, thighs, neck, and everything else benefit from bodybuilding in a major way. By knowing the muscle groups you'll be better able to focus your mind on them when they come into play.

Once you know what you're working on you can look at the various exercises that target that particular muscle group and how it affects the others. You want to work on the supportive muscle groups first. The muscles that keep the spine aligned, the carriage up and allows for the next stage of lifting. Bodybuilding means heavier than normal weights and you don't want to be caught short because you don't have the strength and balance to do the job. Pick the exercises that work on a gradient. If you can get a trainer then that's all the better. Follow the pro advice and when you're able to do the exercises with good form you'll be on your way and it won't take long. Growing muscle nowadays with what we've learned about nutrition and exercise takes only a few weeks. One can see gains in two weeks and in six to eight weeks you'll be a new person. As the months roll on you may find you've gained more muscle than you bargained for. You'll be stronger, faster, more alert and look good. Nothing makes a man look good like broad shoulders, a nice chest and solid arms. Posture too as these all exude a sense of confidence.

That said, following the basics in bodybuilding will get you where you want to go safely and securely. Again, nutrition and study, following sound advice from the pros and not going after every supplement and hyped up bodybuilding trick tossed out every month.

Making that muscle is easier now than anytime in history. Go for it and you'll see wonders in a short time and build a better lifestyle as well.