Having a good weight training routine means men having a good weight training regimen in tandem with an aerobic one.

The reason for this is because the body needs both to make both effective and to get optimum results. The cells need to breathe and repair themselves. Weight training and aerobics work like a one-two punch to make the other work in peak condition. It's fantastic at how the body can regulate itself to the point that one form of exercise can work with another form and the well being of the man is brought to the tops.


It's because our bodies have had millions of years of trial and error to see what works. Today's modern man needs the extra exercise as we've jobs that are often too sedentary. To get out there and get the right exercise is nothing short of the most important thing you can do to prevent disaster down the line. Take into account that a simple weight lifting routine will build muscle, make bones denser and work the entire system to its best. In order for the muscle gains to reach peak the cells have to have the right interchange so that nutrients go in and toxins go out. Aerobics flush out the toxins of the cells. When we pump iron we tear muscle cells which after repairing themselves grow bigger and stronger hence the mass you gain while weight training. If those cells aren't fed right or cleaned right you won't get the full gains you deserve.

This works both ways as the weight lifting that builds the body tasks the body to work at its best. Aerobic exercise needs muscle and bone density to perform the rigorous exercises such as dancing, jogging, swimming etc.. As we build muscle and then engage in aerobics we also increase our endurance and metabolic rate. In tandem these two mean the resting metabolic rate, the amount of calories you burn up when resting or sleeping increases and you burn off those excess calories that are stored as fat.

Muscle eats fat. Aerobics burns calories. Both burn calories and both exercise regimens boost metabolic rate so doing both is the best way along with a low calorie, high nutrition diet to being slim and toned.

Scheduling your weight training and aerobics are the next step. Doing both twice a week is the minimum but doing both three times a week is recommended. Some people do both on the same day. They'll do aerobics in the morning and weight training in the evening or a flip of that schedule. Some people do both at the same time such as an hour of weight training and an hour of aerobics. If you're trying to build muscle it's best to set aside a day just for that and do aerobics on the following day that don't use the same muscle groups you've used in weight training the previous day. This is because the muscles need time to rest and repair. Aerobics will give you that 'cut' look but will not enhance your chances of building big mass like some bodybuilders like to do.

The same goes the other way around. If you're lifting heavy then you'll want to schedule your aerobics at a time where you can get the maximum gain from the aerobics routine. Weight lifting isn't as compromising to aerobics as the other way around so you'll be on a better path, just remember, too much is too much and you don't want to invite any injuries.

Overall, remember that it's up to you to know your limits, schedule, diet to establish a workable routine where aerobics and weight training can benefit you the most. Men need to keep statistics on their progress and don't overdo it. Let nature and the body do the repair and fat reduction. All you have to do is bring the discipline, planning, and fun.