Sometimes it takes a little bit of art to relieve the stress in a man's day.

Yes, from music to paintings, to sculpture, looking at and creating art can be a major stress reliever for men no matter what line of work they're into or lifestyle they undertake.


The importance of art cannot be understated. It's one of the major things that separate us from the animals. We take things and manipulate them into things of beauty aka aesthetics. Men can lead extremely stressful lives. The burdens of protecting the family, heavy labor, competitive executive decisions, the environment, can bring about levels of stress that can be overbearing. Mankind has engaged in creating art just to make life worth living and it's your heritage and duty to enjoy some form of creativity to enrich not only your life but those of others.

Creativity is the key here. Any form of art is fine. Some old timers pick up the old art of whittling. That's using a knife or sharp object to either carve wood into a representative shape or just carve wood. It's an age old art form that can relieve stress quite quickly. Pickup up a musical instrument is another creative way to alleviate stress. If you already know how to play an instrument but haven't picked it up in years, shake off the bad memories and remember the joy you had when you first picked it up. Never mind that you didn't get into that band or got that big recording contract or that nasty comment from some armchair critic, it's your talent and you should enjoy it. Listen to the musicians you really admire and let them sweep you away.

Painting and drawing can relieve a man's stress in mere minutes. There's no argument about that. If you've never given it a try then go for it. Read up on drawing and painting and go get some basic supplies. Make this your personal project and don't fall into the trap of being disappointed that you aren't drawing or painting like the legendary Frank Frazetta, the purpose is the growing process because the more you work at it, the better you'll be. It can take years and years but it's your time to yourself and nobody else's. Go to a museum to look at art and chat it up with some of the staff there. That admiration and appreciation can go a long way to relieving stress. Watch some videos on other people doing art and sit back and enjoy it, pick up tips and get a move on.

Sculpture and model building are great for stress relief in men. Remember those good old days when you were spending an entire afternoon putting together that Star Wars spaceship model or that battleship or jet plane? That's crafts and art and a major stress reliever. You're using your mind and hands to create something that when done well looks great and is a noteworthy accomplishment on your part. Don't worry about feeling embarrassed at going to a hobby shop and picking up a model kit. There are armies of men around the world who spend a lot of time modeling and doing sculptures. It's a major industry and more men are joining the ranks as they remember how much fun it was as boys.

Finally, don't let anyone or anything get in between you and art. Nobody. It's like cutting one's own throat to separate from art. Paint, draw, play music, sculpt, grow some plants, knitting, anything that is creative and produces beauty fits the bill here. Once you get that in your stress reduction regimen the faster you'll recover and build up strength against those stressful situations.