Anxiety can sneak up on a man and lay him low. That fear of the mishaps of life can start as passing thoughts but when a man is working hard, up against all sorts of odds, anxiety can become something excessive to the point of debilitating.


Disorders like PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a variety of specific phobias that seem to grow each year.

Anything can bring out anxiety. One can be focused too much on the problems of work, family, relationships, sports, weather, or whatever kind of thing one is worried about. Men who work in dangerous jobs such as law enforcement, military, high end executive decision making, financial institutions like stocks and banking, all have their problems and these problems can turn up to drive a man into an anxiety disorder or two.

Let's say you're a new dad. The baby is now at home and your life is totally changed. You have to be extra vigilant regarding the baby's needs and the mother's. You're up at night with feedings and changes and soothing the infant. Now you're working on a different schedule that is erratic. You're worried you'll miss something or make a mistake and all that is on top of the other problems of the day like work. If a man isn't cautious some anxiety might rise up and sneak up on him and beat him down. The way around this is to work extra on your daily scheduling and having that extra help if you can. Don't put in your mind that something bad will happen. It's about life and things do sometimes go wrong, it's how you deal with it that defines you.

Relationships can bring about all sorts of anxiety as one isn't sure that she'll be there the next day or if you'll spill coffee on her new dress. Relationships are delicate. One mistake and it can all come crashing down. During the initial getting together a guy is walking on eggshells. He doesn't know what she likes or what she doesn't like. Will his new tie set her off? What about your choice of music? Will she like your family and friends? All these factors can drive a guy up the wall with anxiety.

The job. It is inevitable that some anxiety crops up on the job. It's the way the world works. If you're an executive and owner you are concerned with maintaining your company and business, competition and your staff. Markets change and public needs and interests can collapse or expand at any given moment. Keeping on top of the trends, predicting the outcome of new products and services, making sure the customers are happy, dealing with problems, making sure the employees are happy and not undermining you are all concerns of the job and that too can bring up enough anxiety that if left not handled can lead to disaster.

Nature has challenges and a man's life is full of meeting these challenges. Through his wits, strength, skills, he has to make decisions and engage in actions that must result in his survival and that of those under his care. Being a man means being a leader, sometimes all the time and sometimes for short periods in your life. That's a big responsibility but it's what makes men, men. There's no avoiding this. Sometimes you'll need to take care of a person, persons, or even animals and properties. The pressure of responsibility can creep up on a guy if he isn't on his toes.

Treatments for anxiety range from simple therapies that get a fellow to talk about his concerns and reorganize the way he does things. In extreme cases medication is prescribed. You want to do anything you can to avoid the medication as it can be worse than the anxiety itself. So keep your eyes peeled for those anxious moments and let yourself know you'll win out if you stay cool.