Let's face it, today's modern man loves to have a drink. Some drink too much however compromising their lives and their health.


There's a time to put the glass or bottle or can down and far too many men find this out too late. Liver damage, intestinal damage and all sorts of physiological systems compromised from the abuse of alcohol.

Alcohol is not an addictive substance. It's the psychological dependency on it that is the real problem. People have ruined entire civilizations, industries, families, from alcoholism and society has been in a battle to handle it to no avail. There's even a still standing law to not broadcast alcohol commercials on commercial television but nothing about ads seen on cable or the internet. This barrage of ads now reaches more people than television via the mainstream ever did.

This is why men have to have both eyes open when it comes to their use of alcohol. Scientists agree that a little bit now and then is an advantage but too much, especially daily will lead to all sorts of illnesses. Men are known to be stubborn and even with the plethora of scientific evidence that shows the detrimental effects of alcohol, men will still pound down those beers and quaff those ales until they end up in the hospital at a point of no return.

The reasons of this are plenty. Upbringing, ignorance, peer pressure, culture, and psychological aberrations are all parts of the reason people, especially men, will drink to excess or become dependent on alcohol. What a man needs to know is that the only person who can put a handle on his drinking is himself. It starts with you and no one else. There are however support groups and treatments, many are effective. The results can call for short term, long term, or a lifetime of monitoring one's thoughts and behavior. That's a tough one to chew on but there are no miracle cures and those claiming they have such miracle cures often end up in jail for fraud. It can take many combinations of tried and true treatments and consultations and therapies to achieve your goal of putting a sane grip on your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol can affect your vision, digestive system, heart, lungs, nervous system, and your reproductive system. Many a man ends up with erectile dysfunction from alcohol abuse and this can lead and does lead to broken relationships and marriages. Not to forget the wild and aggressive behavior some men engage in while drunk. Jail, prison, being tossed in a mental health facility, losing your job, losing your family, can lead to so much mental stress it can break a man too. Mental and physical health can both be compromised from irresponsible alcohol consumption.

Now it's time to take action. Don't hesitate and don't be so arrogant as to think you can stop on your own because if you could, you would. Alcoholism calls for help. There are lots of professional groups around the world that will guide you through the process. Sometimes it will take a detox program and sometimes just a bit of education. No two situations are alike so don't think it will be a hard road. The bottom line is too much alcohol will ruin your health and your life and the time to act is now!

Finally, now that the internet is here you can study up on the various alcohol treatment programs near you. Talk to the people in the forums and perhaps one of them lives near you or can chat with you online to help you get through. Many former alcoholics have made careers out of helping people and they're there for you, you just have to seek them out.