That Special Decision Date

Every relationship has those moments when a decision has to be made. That decision could be anything from whether to continue, get engaged, or move in together. When this moment comes it's a true test of manhood and you had better be prepared.


Life Is full of those big decisions but when you're dating someone you want to make those moments go as smoothly as possible.

Let's say you're contemplating going to the next level of a relationship and you want to discuss moving in together. Don't rush in where wise men fear to tread. You'll need to be realistic here with her and look at what you two have in common to see if it's past that 50% mark. If she likes cats and you can't stand them then that's going to be a hard road to clear. One of you is going to have to compromise and on this kind of date could be a make or break point.

Being cool and collected at times like this defines the type of man you are. You don't turn into a despot here but you lead. Never give up that leadership position of your life but remember a relationship is two people molding into one. There's give and take and that has to be balanced. Take your time, keep your manners, a move in together means you're one step closer to a bigger relationship.

On the outside perhaps you're on that decision date that will turn into something romantic where you want to break out that ring and get engaged. This is a man's most important date decision ever and things have to go just right or it will all cave in. This kind of date has to be planned ahead of time. Best to be in a place that she finds comfortable or exciting. It's the biggest decision of her life and if you scare her she'll rabbit. Warm her up and catch her off guard. Don't drag things out beforehand where she was thinking you would ask her ten dates ago and is now less than enthralled.

The worse case scenario is the break-up date. That's gonna be dangerous but a real man does it face to face not over a cell phone or email. You want to stay friends or acquaintances and avoid any revenge scenarios. Go to a place you both like and part ways amicably so that you don't have sour memories of the places you liked. Breaking up is hard to do but if you have a cool head and manners it will go smoothly.

Those are the real deal date decisions that are at the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley. It takes lots of courage and fortitude to go on a date like this and lots of finesse to emerge from the experience with the least damage possible.

Not all decision dates need to be so heavy. There are decision dates that include critiques about one another. Of course on this kind of date such things as fashion, manners, behavior will come up and it's best to share what you both do and have so as to iron things out early as possible. She may say you eat with your mouth open which is unsafe and considered rude. She on the other hand might need to get rid of the Mongolian mountain boots she wears everywhere even to church. If she's not going to be herding in wild ponies from the Gobi Desert then a better fashion choice is in order. Maybe you have a tendency to interrupt people while they're talking. Since no one has thrown a plate of food at you because of it you didn't notice this rude behavioral trait. She'll bring it up and you had better pay attention and comply or things could go south fast. No one is perfect but relationships are where we work on ourselves and a decision date could get things on the right track.

So don't fear that special decision date. It's where the rubber meets the road to happiness.