Office Conduct

The laws of evolution don't just stop at the door of the office. Men will still be men no matter where they go. The office is where we do business and as such calls for discipline that may conflict with our primal urges and the smart fellow knows when to pull in the reigns.


The office isn't where you beat your chest and tell the Great Apes you've just killed an antelope. It's where commerce is done and manners and a hierarchy must be followed or chaos ensues. Sure there will be conflicts but in order to be successful one has to know where being a man meets being a businessman.

First of all, don't treat the office as your playground. If you're not the boss or owner you have no territory to claim except your own office or work station. You don't go around prancing and showing off or boasting, you do your job as part of a team. Plain and simple. Most office conflicts come from either mismanagement, unprofessional conduct, personality clashes, and incompetence. As a man you have built in you the ability to lead just as much as follow. A leader must take the bull by the horns when problems arise but not overwhelm the hierarchy established. Showing you're competent and can take on responsibility is how you rise in the ranks, not flexing your muscles and acting like a grizzly bear on the prowl.

Avoiding personality conflicts is another issue. Sure you may not get along with Joe in the next cubicle or other office but you're both on the same team. Defend yourself when you know you're right but don't resort to threats and primeval behavior or you'll lose every time. Realize that sometimes there are misunderstandings and how you settle them defines the type of man you really are. When you handle things right, the bosses and investors find out and want more of you. Yes competition for the higher spots is there and you must do what you can to make sure your efforts are acknowledged and don't go unsung.

The opposite sex is one of the biggest challenges there. Even if you're a devoted married man you will encounter women who pursue you. You have to nip these situations in the bud with clarity and manners or they'll spiral into some soap operaesque conflict that will compromise everything you do. That goes both ways if you're hot for some woman at the office. Whatever you do, make sure all communication and so on are done off site. This avoids gumming up production and eliciting office gossip. Some people just can't help but make mountains out of molehills when one person cozies up to another. Let's say you have your sights on that cute blonde in accounting. You introduce yourself and with poise, you get the message across that you're interested. Be careful here as to not pressure at all or you may be accused of sexual harassment especially if she's a junior to your position. A change of phone numbers or email addresses is sufficient and leave it there.

Once you're off sight and can engage in further conversations make it plain that any relationship should not conflict with your duties. Discretion is the better part of valor and romance here. If you find out the boss or another co-worker likes the object of your infatuation you may risk umbrage. In this case it's up to you and her to keep things cool and let the others work their feelings out on their own. If they can't handle it then there are measures to take to get things on an even keel. Your personal life is not for employers to interrupt regardless. It's a touchy thing but as a man you will run into situations like this.

So you'll have to man-up at the office and that calls for strength of character and professionalism. Do that and you'll be alright.