Dating Takes Finesse

Ah it's time for that romance thing to get going and dating is the activity that gets things moving.

The humor that dating elicits Is the stuff of movies and television shows and cartoons since the late 1800s. Only in the modern age do we have dating so different that it sometimes is unrecognizable. The classic picture of a date are two people holding hands and strolling through the park or having a dinner at a fine restaurant or at some greasy spoon sharing a milkshake with two straws.

Nowadays dating takes some extra finesse as many of the mysteries about the other person are no longer there. Usually they have one or more social networking profiles that details their personalities, likes and dislikes to the point you know more about them than their own mother. The goals of dating have changed too. It's not so much about building relationships anymore than seeing if someone else likes what you like and having sex. Today it's like push button sexual dating than growing up together and growint together as friends and allies. Not all dates are out for sexual attention though and that's why it takes finesse to do things just right.

The old standards still apply though. A guy must be a gentleman, not pushy, and not demanding. If you're on a date looking for only what you want then you should be dating you should go to one of those websites featuring women with the same agenda. You won't have to worry about relationships and mystery but you lose out on life experiences of meaning and worth.

A date is the opening of a door to further good experiences or bad. It's a two way street and even when you bring your best you may run into someone who has nothing but their own self interests at heart. So you're left to your own devices depending on your true intentions for dating in the first place.

Let's then just look at the guy looking for the gil of his dreams. You meet at work or school or maybe at a social gathering. It's up to you to make the nest buddy. Ask her where she wants to go. If she's smart she'll relay that decision to you because she wants to know if you can read her feelings. This is what messes guys up from the start. Women think men are psychic and can read their minds. They feel that a guy should have some sort of super perception beyond the realm of scientific reality. A sharp fellow will take that into account and one up the girl by suggesting a place that has class. Why? Because there you'll have to showcase your maturity and etiquette skills. A nice suit and tie and excellent cuisine will bring out the lady in her and you'll both see where one stands on the finer things in life. If you order lobster and she goes at it with a butter knife then you know your next dates should be more down to Earth where they also give toys out with the meals.

Keep dating surprising and don't wear out the same venues again and again. If you go to a fine restaurant first then pick a less formal venue for the second date but not too cheap or she'll think you're low balling her. Search those newspapers and websites for spots around town that are more modest but has something special like a theme or a music act. Comedy spots always work so see how many of them serve dinner with a show and that should loosen things up. Once you've had several dates and gotten to know one another a wee bit of nostalgia may kick in and she'll want to go back to the places that she found delightful. That's when you know you've hit the mark because she's basically saying she enjoys your choices and your company. From here the relationship can grow deeper.

Another strategy that is surprising is to ask her to have her parents go to dinner with you or a movie. Perhaps she's got a brother or sister or friend to tag along. You're building up familial relationship now and that's all good news for you as you'll be expanding your influence with her peers and family. Something funny, wonderful, and adventurous might occur and that will cement you in their memory as someone who is exciting, reliable, and responsible. It's adventure and a date should have a modicum of it.

Overall, dating should be an adventure as mentioned earlier and it should lead to a relationship that grows.