Clothes Make The Man

They say clothes make the man and they may be right.

Men aren't that fashion conscious because they're not trying to attract attention like women do. Sure some men take exceptional pride in their wardrobe but for the most part if the clothes button and zip and don't have girl colors, most guys are satisified.

That's all well and good but even today's man needs an ensemble that ranges from leisure wear to elegant gentleman wear. This means you don't go to a fine dinner wearing your favorite sports team jersey and you don't go to the kegger wearing your best Italian suit. Today's man is more action wear oriented. They dress like they're on their way to the game or just coming back from it. Younger men are worse. Drab hoodies and baseball hats on backwards, sneakers that look like they've just kicked a Transformer robot in the butt and a shirt with a video game character on it. This just isn't going to work no matter which way you wear it.

A man's man will know what to wear and when. That he should have a wardrobe of gradients and his formal wear should be of the best stock and design. Even here we have men who will buy the most absurd suit and ties or get flashy trying to imitate some movie gangster. Formal is formal and there are houses of men's fashions around the world that hold the traditional so that no matter where you go you look like a man of means not meanies.

Men who aren't game show hosts or are planning on opening a disco shouldn't wear gaudy designs and colors. No one is going to take a man wearing a purple and pink jacket and a Batman tie very seriously at a board meeting. Instead a man should have a traditional series of suits from the London or Italian houses. These places haven't erred in over 100 years and aren't going anywhere soon. They produce clothing for all times of the year and venues from dinner apparel to weddings. These suits never go out of style and those higher up in society can spot a man with a fine traditional suit as someone who has been exposed to class and culture. This really goes over for parents of a woman who appreciate class. They'll get that mental note that their daughter is dating someone who knows tradition and honor.

This isn't to say you shouldn't have fun with your wardrobe and that you shouldn't get that Superman sports jacket with the glowing green Kryptonite tie. That's expressing your personality and it's your money. Having fun with your wardrobe is your right and a way of lifting your spirits and creating conversation. Same goes for less formal functions. Yes, today's man is action oriented and the fabrics and styles are geared for it. Designers in Japan and Hong Kong are still years ahead of everyone else regarding modern fashion and men can find fabrics and designs that will turn heads all over the world. The fashion shows in Asia are like theme parks coming to life. Functional wear that can work in tandem with computer technology, fabrics that can change textures, it's all about the future in Asia for modern day men and women's fashions.

Thanks to the ability shopping online one can order these clothes and have them shipped to one's residence. You could be the first one on your block or your city with these high flying Asian fashions and start yourself a trend.

The bottom line is how the clothes make you feel and how others feel in your presence. You don't want to offend or misrepresent yourself with the wrong clothes at the wrong time. Waht you wear at home isn't for the office or formal dinner and what's good for formal isn't smart for those Sunday football game get-togethers. If you're not sure about your choices, look for people you know who dress well or hit a message board where great clothing is highlighted. Even heads of state wear great clothes that might be too expensive but at least you can ask where they get them so you can see if you can negotiate a price for your own wardrobe.

Yes, clothes can make the man feel good.