That Special Decision Date

Every relationship has those moments when a decision has to be made. That decision could be anything from whether to continue, get engaged, or move in together. When this moment comes it's a true test of manhood and you had better be prepared.

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Meeting Her Family

The dreaded day has come. There is no escape. What you've tried to avoid all this time has now come to pass, you have to meet her family and all depends on what you do next.

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Office Conduct

The laws of evolution don't just stop at the door of the office. Men will still be men no matter where they go. The office is where we do business and as such calls for discipline that may conflict with our primal urges and the smart fellow knows when to pull in the reigns.

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Clothes Make The Man

They say clothes make the man and they may be right.

Men aren't that fashion conscious because they're not trying to attract attention like women do. Sure some men take exceptional pride in their wardrobe but for the most part if the clothes button and zip and don't have girl colors, most guys are satisified.

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Dating Takes Finesse

Ah it's time for that romance thing to get going and dating is the activity that gets things moving.

The humor that dating elicits Is the stuff of movies and television shows and cartoons since the late 1800s. Only in the modern age do we have dating so different that it sometimes is unrecognizable. The classic picture of a date are two people holding hands and strolling through the park or having a dinner at a fine restaurant or at some greasy spoon sharing a milkshake with two straws.

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